What Is Decor: Some Best Rules

What Is Decor Some Best Rules

When did the decor come from? Many believed that the reason for all this was the designer’s original ideas, others “blamed” the expensive decoration and furniture, but it turned out to be much banal. The secret of this effect was in the very fad “home decor.” What is it? The meaning of the word “decor” is known to everyone. Still, we recall that we are talking about a set of various elements with which we decorate architectural structures or interiors for those who have forgotten it.

You can get decor supplies for your marriage anniversary, wedding, baby shower, your birthday cake, and even an office party. However, this mustn’t necessarily be a party to decor. You can also buy decoration items for your bathroom, bedroom, car, or garden at Crawoo.com.

The Best Decor Supplies

So, translating into a simpler and more understandable language, the decor of the interiors is floor tiles and the presence in the living room of vases and flowerpots with flowers, small figures and names of people on a centre dining table, a tree wall, and various objects, as well as all sorts of other seemingly insignificant little things in the living room, which form our idea of ​​a living and well-kept house.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking when, being a guest, you highly appreciated the style of the people living in it, just noticing a small but exquisite accessory and decor items such as a bar, a to-do list, or a wooden name on the desk that evokes positive emotions in you? This is the decor of interiors and the essence of its impact on our subconscious – the principles that people have used since ancient times, equipping their homes with household decoration supplies.

Rhyme Items

The first and essential rule of interior decoration is that some elements be combined with others, i.e. rhyme. Think of ways they complement any interior object in color, shape, or texture when selecting different decoration items on the Crawoo.com website, such as paintings, vases, cushions, etc. Try to use a very similar fabric or the same fabric, but, for curtains, cushions, and sleeves, different textures. The “rhyme” cupboards with the photos above the sofa are fine – choose the photo to give it the color of the cushions. The subject does not need to be balanced one by one. In addition, it is sufficient to make the colors very close in tone.

Outside the window now is not antiquity, but the 21st century means that today it should be much easier to create interior decor. And this is so because, having visited, for example, an online store such as Crawoo.com, anyone will understand that to make your home more comfortable, you need to turn on your imagination, but there are already tools for translating the images that have arisen in your mind, they have been invented and wait for the moment when you look at them and buy them. Believe us, and this is not just a whim. Such accessories allow us to feel a sense of spiritual comfort, but for today’s crazy-paced life – this is real healing nectar for our soul and nervous system!

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