What Is an IP Phone Number and How to Get It?

IP Phone Number

Virtual telephony or VoIP (Voice over IP) is a method of communication using a telephone number assigned to a specific user. Access to such a number can be obtained using a separate Internet line without the need to install a physical SIM card. Depending on the set of functions included in the client’s tariff, virtual numbers are divided into several types:

  • IP telephony for business, taking into account all the needs of business communication.
  • A full-fledged number for private communication: usually chosen for calls abroad and high-quality communication where there is cable Internet, but the cellular network does not work well.
  • Virtual temporary numbers for registration on websites, applications, and social media.

You will find any of the listed options for IP telephony among the services of HotTelecom. This provider has an endless list of benefits.

Why Is HotTelecom Recognized as the Best Virtual Phone Number Provider?

There are several reasons why HotTelecom is a leader in the virtual telephony market:

  • A huge list of countries and cities is available.
  • The tariff depends on a combination of factors: time of use, destination, options connected to the number, region, etc. In fact, the user pays only for the services that one actually uses.
  • Favorable prices for all types of IP telephone numbers.
  • The ability to connect such useful options as forwarding, recording a telephone conversation, access to statistics, and other tools important for e-commerce.

How Does VoIP Work?

An IP phone number is connected to the cellular network: to make calls, send, and receive SMS, you need the Internet. The virtual number does not depend on the real location of the user. You can be in one country and safely use a number that will visually (by code) resemble the number of another region.

In this way, it is convenient to organize high-quality communication between clients and companies whose offices are located in a country other than the location where goods or services are provided.

Private clients also appreciate virtual numbers for their mobility as well as favorable tariff plans, anonymity, high quality of communication, flexibility, and availability.

You can order a VoIP number for commercial or private use on the official website of HotTelecom. Just go through a short registration process, select the appropriate tariff, region, and number, and pay for the service.

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