What is Oacian? Detailed Explanation on These Species


Who are the Oacian?

Oacian is the name for a group of animals that can survive on both land and water. These creatures are known as amphibians, which means “double-life.” They can move quickly and easily in both areas. They can communicate both on land and in the water very well. The animal’s devotion to its culture and queen gives it a remarkably human-like mind-set.

Oacian Characteristics 

Oacians are a primarily aquatic species that can adapt to both land and water environments with ease. They are also steady, quick, and serious. They mainly prefer chilly, damp areas. Most of the time, they can be spotted chewing and strolling the ground like any other valk of dex when they are not using their tail for swimming around.

Wherever they are, they must have access to a body of water close by in order to feel comfortable in their surroundings; otherwise, they risk drying out. When you touch them, the majority of their body feels cold and moist. 


Natural Environment

These species prefer to live in their native habitat. For them to survive, some specific ecological needs must be met. In the ocean or sea, they should be able to dive down to a depth of 100 feet. They do exist in both the deepest and shallowest parts of the seas and oceans.

For their ground exchange facility, they have an island that is linked to the water body. Cryth-pool, often known as Cry-pool, is their capital city. Although it is supposedly located on the ocean floor, some portions of it are at both lower and greater depths of water.

Skin Colour

Oacian skin is incredibly chilly, and when touched, it seems sticky. They can hide their skin colour, which ranges from light pale blue dim to dull dim purples and ocean greens. In their epidermis, every colour blends perfectly. These species can’t survive without water for too long since they have sensitive skin that dries up. They reside in specific sections and districts in the waters.

Who Has the Authority to Rule These Species?

These creatures are truly loyal. They believe that their sea queen, “Merlina Lympha de Saevus,” rules over them all and has a tight grip on the entire species. They are the ideal subjects for their queen. This entire species is different from the rest of the world because of her word, which is law.

She distrusts the other four kingdoms and holds to the idea of rule. She becomes a more tyrannical and ultimate dictator thanks to the other nations. However, because their own queen is the only real ruler that matters to them, her people do not accept to such rules.

Her followers respect her and only regard her as their actual leader. They just worry about their own survival and reject any kind of relationships or partnerships with other species.

Ocean – Their Way of Life and Values

These species reside in a region filled with fish and aquatic life, and they are labelled one of them. In that line of thought, Oacian appear to be images of mermaids or other types of animals. Despite having a fish-like life structure, they occasionally come above the deep sea to explore the flora and animals of the living land. They extend their legs under the sun and gaze out at the landscape.

Aside from them, if a single creature attempts to enter the forbidden domain, they will be exiled from the species for life. And the rejected members are unable to enter or obey the other queen. That could produce serious political issues between the two leaders. 

These species are relatively clean and well-organized organisms. They do use some cleaning methods and are quite concerned about food balance. They are innovative and flourish in all areas.

Their Solidarity and Motivation

These species are very motivated and creative at pushing themselves. Their love for the country and other members of the same species is quite strong. They constantly coexist in peace and have a deep belief in the value of cooperation. They are so devoted that they will go to any length to ensure the survival of their species.

The Characteristics and Attributes of These Animals

  • They prefer to sometimes move in and out of the ocean’s depths rather than staying there all the time.
  • They are highly unlikely to accept any species that is not part of their race as a partner because they have their own kingdoms and needs.
  • Ocean value cleanliness, particularly when it comes to their meals. They spend the most of their time maintaining the cleanliness around them. Like Valkirians, they take great care to organise everything neatly.
  • They are not involved in any political conflicts that are taking place in the aquatic ecosystem.
  • Their population has significantly dropped as a result of water contamination, temperature increases, and other issues.


Oacian are the only organisms capable of loving both marine and land life. They follow specific survival rules in their daily lives. They are among the strongest creatures since they battle for themselves and solely look out for their own species. These species spend the first half of their lives on the deep sea floor, although they also spend a certain amount of time on shore.

This article has all the details you need to know about them, including their way of life, cultural values, and much more. We sincerely hope that after reading this you will find it to be helpful on the topic.

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