Assessing Instagram Data To Decode The Biggest Fashion Trends In 2020

Biggest Fashion Trends In 2020

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the top avenues when it comes to outfit, style, and fashion inspiration these days. Regardless of what or who you’re following, if you’re a fashionista, your feed is most possibly brimming with stylish ladies endlessly creating new looks and avatars from their trousseau. 

If you’re bringing your wardrobe right on to Instagram, you need to measure today’s fashion pulse. Instagram fashion is an evolving phenomenon that has a legion of fans and followers ready to jump on board. 

Biggest Fashion Trends In 2020

  • The 90’s shoulder bags or the 90s style is becoming a trend now. It surfaced sometime back with bike shorts and belt bags, but now you’re really using shoulder bags. 
  • They are the biggest selling directive of the fall season. The key to this awesome trend is its size. If it’s baguette-shaped and smaller, the better will be the outcome.
  • A fairly short and the bag falling just above your hip will reflect the true 90s essence.

Utility pants are competing with Jeans. If you breathe jeans and cannot imagine a life without it, you might change your mind this fall. These pants are just as comfortable as jeans as they are extremely versatile. It gives you the leverage to wear them with slides or sneakers or dress them with the strappy heels. 

The oncoming Biggest Fashion Trends In 2020

As a continuous and evolving art form, fashion is bound to morph into brand new iterations each year, each season. The current biggest yardstick or metrics to judge the success of a brand is sales, and most importantly, its social impact and reach on Instagram. This will involve your followers for Instagram

As a central hotspot for industrial trends, Insta has become a confluence of new discoveries and the main platform to sustain them. That’s how you gauge current Biggest Fashion Trends In 2020.

  • DIY is rising. Although some of you regard it no more than a meme, building a DIY fashion tag or label has actually become a big trend.
  • With Instagram, many people are discovering more independent fashion brands from artists and designers. The more unique the product, the bigger is its value. 
  • This has caused swarms of people opening their clothing line. Many are trying to create awesome material. 
  • Tie-Dye or Ride is another big trend. Showcasing nostalgia, this trend is making a comeback in 2020. 
  • It had already set the summer floors on fire, after taking off amongst the vast DIY community. It didn’t take much time to transfer quickly through mainstream fashion through national retailers and names like Urban Outfitters. 

By and large, it’s still a fashion pattern, but premium tie-dye styles are beginning to shine through as safe choices amongst consumers, especially when they print with cool graphics and nice illustrations. 

Overall, it’s a fun trend, whose quality of pattern and dying is what makes it so successful. If you want to follow the same trend, start following proper codes that show how the final results will look like. 

A quick overview

Fashion trends are ripe for Insta picking, but sometimes you’ve certain looks that don’t translate to practicality. Thankfully, there are abundant IG fashion trends that look great not only on your iPhone confines, but also in real life and that’s where it matters the most. 

  • Head-to-leather has been a sensational trend in the fall-winter runaways. It has trickled majestically into the IG circuit now. check out its illustrations. The additional texture looks interesting and elevated.
  • Macro bags are another gem. You can skip micro-bag styles’ inconveniences and use a purse that has plenty of room. 
  • With another holiday season approaching, you’ll not have a better time to dawn and embrace the beloved and sequined shirt and skirt trend on social media.
  • Who can forget the stylish and polished polo shirts? You also have Dior runaways that show paired floral robes and gowns with combat footwear, grunge boots. They are for everyone on Insta right now.
  • Sexy cardigan is again in vogue. This trend is picking up steam on the platform. It’s great for winter months when simple, lightweight blouses are more than an option. 
  • Python print is another trend. It keeps on providing new ones and syncs with literally anything in your closet.

Regarding tie-dye, although you may associate it with summer, it’s a psychedelic trend seamlessly translating to cooler months. Consider opting for a nice color palette that’s warm during winter.

The incompatible trends

Now, it’s time to talk about fashion brands that don’t go in real life. Let’s take an expectation versus reality approach to see the funny side of things. While you wear fashionable, tight jeans for luxurious body shape, the reality is much different. It exposes skin that you don’t want to know, making you look like Twisted Sister’s old grandmother’s clothes. 

Some shoes are not comfortable but extremely edgy and cumbersome. The long laces and robes that go towards the ankle are one-night fashion. Wacky things don’t go on for a long time. 

Youth is a minefield of thoughts energy, but when they misdirect it towards making absurd fashion statements, it leads to Pandemonium. 

You’d expect the youth to use slacks and nets that create that spice factor and generates in oomph, but when they cut the main costume to give a constipated and rugged feel to the attire, that’s not a trend. It’s a fashion disaster. Such blunders are also brimming on Instagram.

The most purchases products

If you see the first two months of 2020, you can have an idea of the fashion trends that women are following. The menswear-inspired chic shirt, for example, is one such popular item that many people bought. It’s smocked, dramatic sleeves tell a huge story.

  • Rather than constantly pushing up your collars and sleeves, people are going for a cropped version of a polished black jacket.
  • The quickest method for elevating any look is to infuse the double-breasted jacket. 

There are versatile wardrobe pieces that you can wear in spring. When you’re wearing some apparel on the East Coast, it’s all about layering.