10 Perfect Gifts for a New Parent

Perfect Gifts for a New Parent

Figuring out what to give a new parent can be time consuming, especially when they’ve gotten all the obvious gifts already. The following are 10 perfect gifts that could bring a smile to that new parent’s face.

1. Pillow Spray

A deep sleep pillow spray can be a lifesaver for a new parent. These are natural sprays you use on your pillow to help you sleep soundly. This might not seem like a big deal, but a new parent is not going to have many opportunities to sleep. You’d be surprised how quickly people will fall in love with this gift.

2. Hooded Towel

The new baby is going to take many showers, and a cute hooded towel will come in handy. Make sure you look for baby hooded towels that are designed to dry quickly. Towels that stay wet too long make the baby colder as the new parent tries to dry him or her.

3. Baby Cot

Every parent is going to thank you a million times if you give a baby cot. There are many cots Australia to choose from made locally and uniquely. Find one that matches your friend or family member. Try to consider your loved one’s overall style, and let that be your guide.

4. Cute Calendar

New parents love to take pictures, and in all likelihood, you’ve got a few of those pictures. Grab some of your favorite pictures and create a calendar using those pictures for your loved one. Have this professionally done so that the pictures come out as clear as possible.

5. The Sling

The baby sling is one of the best gifts you can give. These things are quite practical since they allow a new parent to carry their babies safely without holding them. A new parent is going to love having the freedom to use both hands.

6. Portable White Noise

A portable white noise machine can be a miracle for some parents. Some babies are quite fussy and won’t go to sleep easily. At times, this has something to do with the noise around them, but a good white noise machine can quieten everything down. Your loved one’s baby is going to fall asleep much easier with one of these.

7. Baby Lounger

A good portable baby lounger helps parents lounge about with their baby. If your friend or family member loves to cuddle up near the fireplace or on their couch to read a book, then this lounger will be helpful. It’s portable and can stop a baby from rolling anywhere. All you need is an even surface to keep the baby safe.

8. The Gift Card

A new parent will need supplies all the time, from diapers to wipes and who knows what else. If you want to give this new parent something practical, then consider giving a gift card. Just be sure the card can be used in places where your friend or family member can find things they need as a new parent. You may want to consider local or small online shops because these places usually carry unique baby items.

9. Changing Mat

Babies will need to be changed, which is why a portable changing mat is always a great gift. This little mat will make it possible for a new parent to change their babies no matter where they are. The mat is usually washable and normally comes in a stylish pack.

10. Baby Bottle Sterilizer

There are machines that can sterilize and dry baby bottles. Some of these machines can also clean teats, pacifiers, and pump parts. Most new parents don’t like constantly cleaning these items, and your gift will ensure cleaning will be kept to a minimum. There are a few models available online, so just choose one that seems to have everything you think this new parent is going to love.

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Getting the right gift isn’t always easy, but try to trust your gut for this. These are just a few suggestions to help guide you in the right direction, but the decision is always up to you.     

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