How Does A Cloud Call Center Work?

cloud call center software
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There are a few software solutions that can be as beneficial for customer service as cloud call center software. It is almost impossible to imagine a modern company that has no customer support department that can be reached via phone. But what is the nature of cloud call center software and why has it become more popular than classic on-premises call center solutions? 

Let’s deal with it. 

What is call center software?

Call center software is a software tool that is designed to process incoming and outgoing calls, provide customer service, collect and analyze data about phone calls, optimize and improve the effectiveness of agents’ work, and manage other call center operations. Call center software can be set up in two different ways of infrastructure location – on-premises call center and cloud-based call center software. 

First of these two solutions, the on-premises call center, is the call center located on the hardware purchased by the call center owner – and this is a huge investment as you have to buy servers, licenses for hardware, set it all up, and hire a team of IT specialists to maintain it. As you could guess, it costs a lot of money and time as well as you have to rent an area to store servers and all other hardware. Nonetheless, some people still think this solution is beneficial because it at least offers you data security – but stealing data from your local network isn’t impossible, by the way. 

Cloud-based call center software is a much cheaper solution in the stage of setting it up. First of all, you don’t have to pay for any hardware – everything that is needed to make the software work is already done by the service provider. Secondly, it is much faster to be all set – around 24 hours on average. Finally, the cloud solution is maintained by your service provider, so any issues are resolved by the vendor and you can forget about this. 

If to talk about data security, modern cloud services providers are investing more and more in security and there’s nothing to worry about – no company will leave even a 0,1% possibility of losing customers’ data because it will destroy reputation and image. 

How does cloud call center software work?

The “no hardware” principle made cloud-based call center software the most easy-in-use call center solution ever, and this is also why most companies abandon on-premises solutions in favor of cloud software tools. Nonetheless, our goal is to understand what technologies allow cloud call centers to work and what algorithms are used in cloud call centers. 

First of all, cloud computing technology is the main technology used in cloud call centers to store data and organize all the infrastructure of the software solution. Cloud technologies allow call center service providers to store data on third-party servers in the cloud, saving you money and improving the overall efficiency of call center operations. 

The second vital technology used in call centers in the cloud is called Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). This technology allows you to process and perform phone calls from your computer – no matter if it is a PC or laptop. In other words, this technology transfers all telephony functions into a PC interface to make interactions easier and faster – for example, process thousands of calls in one interface instead of purchasing thousands of desk phones. 

Finally, but not the least important technology is called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology allows you to process and perform phone calls via the Internet, without using traditional phone lines. This solution has almost no limits – you can use thousands of different virtual phone numbers, process thousands of calls per day, involve dozens of agents, and collect all the data about all call center operations at the same time. 

Thus, as you can see, thanks to these three technologies, the only two things you need to start the work of your call center are PCs and a stable Internet connection. 

What are the main features of cloud call center software?

Thanks to modern technologies used in its development, cloud call center software offers numerous useful features for improving your customer service and sales team’s performance. 

  • Call monitoring in three modes – live control over agent performance during customer calls;
  • Call recording – can be used for quality assurance and training purposes;
  • Real-time dashboards and reports – provide you with data about all current call center operations and KPIs;
  • Intelligent call routing – route incoming calls to the most appropriate agents in a few seconds;
  • ACD system – a system created for performing a few different types of intelligent call routing;
  • IVR software – strong call queue management and self-servicing tool;
  • Multichannel communication – cloud call center integrates all communication channels, like emails, chats, and so on in one interface;
  • Call scripting – provide agents with dynamic call scripts to provide even better customer service;
  • Outbound dialers – boost the effectiveness of cold calling campaigns up to 3 times more with conversion rates boosted up to 2,5 times higher than if cold call manually;
  • Third-party software integrations – you can integrate all needed software tools for customer service or sales with your cloud call center via API, including CRM systems, help desk software, workforce management tools, and payment systems.
  • Workforce management tools – you can check and manage the schedules of agents or groups of agents, use internal chat for immediate communication, and so on.


As you can see, cloud call center software is a modern and multifunctional tool that can manage such vital aspects of your business, such as workforce management, sales, customer support, and so on. It is much more beneficial than on-premises call center solutions because it is cheaper to set up and you don’t need to spend much time seeking needed hardware, hiring IT specialists to set it up, and maintaining it. Cloud call center software has an API, which means you can easily integrate it with third-party applications, such as CRM systems that are irreplaceable in the modern business world. In other words, cloud call center software is the best solution available. 

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