Know About Javon Walton: Bio, Age, Parents, Net Worth, & More

Javon Walton
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Javon Walton or whom we also know as Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton is an American actor of profuse talent. In fact, he is also quite famous as a boxer, gymnast, TV personality, pugilist, social media influencer, and an entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia USA. 

Needless to say, the actor has gained a fanbase solely due to his amazing acting skills in the industry. He came to the spotlight after performing the role of Ashtray in the popular series Euphoria. 

Apart from being an actor, Javon is also a professional boxer and gymnast. According to the sources, he began his boxing training at the age of just 4. Moreover, his IMDB profile also suggests that he is a 5-time champion of Georgia state. 

In addition, he is also a 4-time champion of the USA boxing southeast regional. Therefore, we can see that he is a powerhouse of talent. Not only in the field of acting but also in sports, he has a considerable reputation. 

Currently, Javon is focusing to appear in the 2024 Olympics in Boxing and Gymnastics. So, if you want to know more about Javon Walton, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will share everything that you need to know about the actor and athlete. 

A Short Bio On Javon

We have already mentioned that Javon has earned the accolades for doing really well in the series Euphoria. However, it’s wrong to say that he has earned fame solely due to his acting. So, as we earlier mentioned, he is not only an actor but also an athlete. In order to know about him, it’s best that we start from the very beginning. 

According to the sources, Javon Walton, a famous actor, and the pro boxer was born in the year 2006, on 22nd July, in a wealthy family. Therefore, as of 2022, he is currently 15 years old. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that he adheres to the Christian religion. His zodiac sign is Cancer. We should also add that his hometown is Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

From his very childhood, he had a liking for sports. Of course, on this note, we should mention that his father is a pro wrestler. So, that’s probably one of the factors that have influenced him in his childhood to become an athlete. At the age of just 4, he began training and practicing boxing and gymnastics. 

According to the sources, he went to a local private school to complete his high school studies. Thereafter, he went to a high school and is pursuing his higher studies at a university. In addition to his studies, he is also focusing on his boxing, acting, and gymnastics career. Javon Walton has a dream to play in the 2024 Olympics in Boxing and Gymnastics. So, in order to fulfill his dream, he is doing everything that he can. 

Family Details

The sources tell us that Javon has three siblings. Moreover, after thorough research, we can say that his father DJ Walton is a pro boxer and boxing stand-up himself. Not only that, but his dad is also the founder of a  Boxing Equipment ‘Onward’. 

Now, talking about his mother, Javon’s mother’s name is Jessica Walton. It’s worth noting that Javon posts a lot of pictures with his family. Coming back to his siblings, he has two brothers and an elder sister. They are Jaden Walton, Daelo Walton, and Jayla Cookie Walton. On free occasions, Javon likes to go to hilly areas with his family. 

Personal Life

If you want to know about Javon Walton’s personal life, then unfortunately we don’t have any concrete details to share. Javon is someone who is focusing on his career at the moment. Moreover, it’s also difficult to know for certain because he doesn’t post anything about his girlfriend. So, it’s probable that he is currently single. 

Occupation Of Javon

Well, the sources tell us that US TV presenter Steve Harvey discovered Javon on social media in the year 2017. It’s also true that he has also appeared on his talk show. Later on, he took interest in acting. Due to his amazing talent as an actor, he played the role of Ashtray in the Euphoria series. Later on, he also appeared in various TV series like Samaritan, The Addams Family 2, etc. 

Apart from being an actor, he is also a famous pro boxer. So, as we mentioned earlier, he is practicing boxing and gymnastics since the age of 4. Moreover, he also has attained the title of Georgia State Champion, not once, twice but five times! In addition, we should also add that he is a 4-time USA Boxing South East Regional Champion.

Javon Walton Net Worth

The amazing personality Javon Walton has earned a lot in his career so far. Not only as an actor but also as an athlete, he has left his name. So, according to the sources, presently, he enjoys a net worth of around 1.5 million USD.