Top Tips for Getting Back into Fitness

Getting Back into Fitness Exercise

Exercise is a crucial aspect to our health, and a regular part of many people’s daily schedules across the UK. Across gyms and fitness clubs in the UK, there are around 10 million registered members – meaning roughly one in eight of us are using gym spaces for exercise, however infrequently. But for many, exercise remains a bridge too far, and for a variety of reasons. Here, we’ll look into the barriers to entry for many people, as well as some easy ways to adopt a fitness routine into your day-to-day life. 

The Importance of Exercise

Exercise imparts a vast array of benefits when undertaken on a regular basis. It is well-understood that regular exercise can help burn calories and reduce fat, but the health benefits are much more profound than simply trimming a little body fat. Exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer in some cases.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Exercise can also have a dramatic effect on mental health, and is often touted as an excellent non-pharmaceutical way to manage conditions like depression. This is because the brain produces endorphins during and after exercise, which can help us to feel accomplished, exhilarated and otherwise happy.

Barriers to Fitness

For those that have already incorporated exercise into their weekly routine, fitness may seem relatively easy to manage – at least, besides the early rises for pre-work gym sessions. But exercise can be a difficult subject for others, due to a number of potential barriers. Money is a leading concern, as the costs for gym membership and fitness gear can quickly mount. Time is another, especially for those with families or who lose much of their day to work and their commute.

Thankfully, these barriers are easy enough to overcome. A shrewd mindset when it comes to buying equipment can go a long way; deals on out-of-season sportswear are common on the high street, and exclusive discounts can be found depending on your job. For example, as someone working in healthcare you could make the most of Argos NHS discounts to buy tracksuits and trainers. In terms of time, pre-planning your day can reveal how much time you have free to squeeze in some exercise, while your commute presents a way to both exercise and travel.

Easing in to Exercise

The last great barrier to getting fit is motivation; some of us simply cannot bring ourselves to get up and out of the house. This is where the careful choosing of the right fitness regime can make all the difference. Exercise doesn’t have to be a gruelling affair, and choosing the right regimen will allow you to get fit and feel enthused about doing so. 

Making exercise fun is one of the better ways to find motivation; regular bike rides are more exciting than regular jogging sessions, and can be done with friends. Indoor rock climbing gyms are increasing in popularity, being a unique and engaging way to work out your body without getting bored.