Shake Love Is Blind Instagram: Trendy Topic Explained

Shake Love Is Blind Instagram
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In recent times, internet searches reading Shake Love Is Blind Instagram are on a sharp rise. In fact, Shake is a very popular character from the second season of Love Is Blind. However, for those who do not know, let me inform you that his name is Abhisekh “Shake” Chatterjee. In fact, with his quick tongue and blunt honesty, he soon became the villain of the second season. 

Apart from all these, he has been in the news for his relationships. Earlier, he briefly courted Deepti Vempti onscreen. In fact, at that time Deepti and Shake Love Is Blind Instagram searches became trendy on the internet. However, due to his pathetic treatment of her, Shake gained a notorious reputation for himself. In fact, he introduced his new girlfriend on IG. Her name is Emily. However, Emily is not a new appearance on his IG posts. She appeared on earlier posts also. But the nature of the relationship was unclear at that time. Therefore, if you wish to know more about Shake’s love life, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more detail. 

Deepti And Shake Trouble 

We know that Love Is Blind is a reality dating series by Netflix. In that series, Deepti had been Shake’s fiance. In fact, he was to marry her. However, things started to worsen quickly. In fact, in Season 2 of the series, Shake made some inappropriate remarks about Deepti. He even went to the extent of commenting that he was not attracted to her. 

Therefore, it seems good that Deepti left him at the altar. She admitted that Shake meant a lot to her and he had made a great impact on her life. However, she also stated that she would not marry him. She said “No” to Shake in the season finale. In fact, this very fact became a source of much offscreen drama. Responding to that incident, Shake uploaded a video on IG. On that Shake Love is Blind Instagram live he stated that he would not apologise for anything to anyone in that matter. Therefore, the two parted ways and have not been together since. 

Deepti And Shake Trouble 
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Shake’s New Found Love

On the 17th of March 2022, Shake posted on IG to announce officially his relationship with Emily Wilson. He further added that his parents went to meet them in the town and they had a great time together. Recalling their first meeting, Shake told USmagazine that they met in Miami at a pool party. He was with some other girls when Emily entered the place. After that, they started talking and things developed fast from there on.

As far as her location is concerned, let me inform you that she lives in Florida. However, there might be a time, when we would see her moving out of her place. Moreover, in 2021, Emily turned 27. Therefore, she is around 6 years younger to Shake who is 33 now. As of now, keep the couple lives happily together. 

Concluding Lines
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Concluding Lines

This entire episode might make Shake happy. However, audiences seem to get worried about Deepti. However, let me inform you that she is also not holding herself back. Sources suggest that she is seeing Kyle Abrams, her co-star in Love Is Blind. In fact, she had been doing this all very quietly. Therefore, she has been a winner all the way. Thus, we might suggest that both Shake and Deepti are doing great individually. Shake is happy with Emily and that is evident from the IG posts which he shares. 

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