Picking The Perfect Exterior Paint Colors

Picking The Perfect Exterior Paint Colors

Painting the inside of the house is an easy task. You can pull colors from your decor and decorating styles. Outside however can be more a task but update your home in ways you could never imagine. Keep reading and we will go through how to pick the perfect exterior paint for your home!

Contrasting Colors Can Do Wonders

So your home is an off white almost grey in tone? Have you thought about painting your trim black? If you go with a warmer black, it can be a cool contrast without doing too much work. Black can be a hard color to upkeep but is well worth it. 

Plan Around The Elements

Take into consideration all the permanent areas of your home. Roofing/siding and concrete are some of these areas. These elements are hard to change about any home so taking these into consideration when choosing your exterior paint will go a long way.

Consider The Cultural And Era Of Your Home

You wouldn’t paint your terracotta style home in toned-down colors if every home in the time it was built and style were brighter in comparison. A good example of this is a craftsman style home that should be painted more like a dollhouse and winds up plain in all white. 

What Visual Are You Going For?

Keeping in mind the landscaping of your home is a great way of planning for your exterior paint. Keep in mind what your home is going to look like from a street view as well as the surrounding homes. Choosing a brighter color will make your home stand out while going with a darker scheme will make it appear to recede. 

Try Multiple Shades Of The Same Color

Perhaps your favorite color is blue and you enjoy every shade of blue. Why not have the blue house on the block? Either painting a darker color on the siding and using a paler blue to the trim is a great way of giving your home that modern look. 

Always Get Paint Samples Over Chips. 

Paint chips are great but relying on these to give you an accurate view of your color is unrealistic. With paint chips, you won’t see your color at all times of the day or what it will look like during all types of weather. Paint samples however allow you to see exactly what a color will look like and what the contrasting color will look like next to it. 

Finding Painting Companies To Complete Your Project

Oftentimes planning a project is the easy part. Finding someone to help you complete your project can be the frustrating part. Lucky for you, you can find the best painting companies at Get Your Quote without any effort on your part!

What Information Do I Need To Provide?

  • Project date
  • Project description
  • First and Last name
  • Address of project
  • Phone number to contact

By giving all the above information at GetYourQuote.com you will be matched with painting companies who meet your budget and time frame. They will do the footwork for you allowing you to sit back and relax while planning future home projects. 

Why Go Through Painting Companies Instead Of Doing It Myself?

There are many benefits to using painting companies over completing the project yourself. You know that you are getting professional experience and will not have to go through trial and error. They will help with providing paint samples based off your color scheme and will be able to go through the process of painting over old paint without the pain. 

By going to GetYourQuote.com you can rest assured that you are being matched with licensed professionals who will be able to understand your needs. You won’t be required to provide any of the tools or manual labor as this will be done for you. 

How Do I Know If They Have Painting Companies In My Area?

Heading on over to GetYourQuote.com allows you to see what locations they have lists of painting companies in. You can also contact them directly in case your area is not listed and may be able to be connected with painting companies just outside your area. 

Allowing someone else to give you a list of quotes that match your needs as well as your budget, means you have more time to enjoy the process. Not having to cold call painting companies means you get more options with less work on your part. These companies are wanting to work for you in order to complete your project and oftentimes you can find multiple painting companies with decent quotes. 

Regardless of the method you choose, either completing the project yourself or looking into painting companies; you will have kept your options open. This way you always have a fall back plan just in case you wind up getting too busy or are just incapable of completing the project on your own.