Google Doodle Pacman Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th Anniversary
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Pacman, one of the most fun games ever celebrates its 30th Anniversary. Google doodle on Pacman 30th Anniversary has introduced a fun way to celebrate or commemorate the game. Nearly all of us have grown up playing Pacman. It’s a maze-chasing game that’s still a favorite of so many players across the globe. Now, the new version has become to celebrate the 30th Anniversary. 

While it’s true that the game is challenging, it’s really a fun experience. There are a lot of people who have played or still play this wonderful and challenging game. So, now that Pacman 30th Anniversary is here, let’s talk about everything that we know about Google Doodle’s celebration of this game. 

Pacman 30th Anniversary

Google Doodle Celebrates The 30th Anniversary Of Pacman

Google Doodle Celebrates
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Well, as we know that the Pacman 30th Anniversary is here, and Google Doodle is celebrating it. It’s worth noting that the original arcade game Pacman has a lot of sequels. So, to honor the milestone of this game, Google has created an interactive logo that features the Pacman game. It was only intended to last for 48 hours. However, it’s true that it has become a viral sensation among people. In fact, we should also note that Google has added this Pacman doodle to its website. 

For those of you who don’t know what Google Doodle is, let us tell you a few details. So, as per the sources, Google Doodle allows people to play classic arcade games in its web browser. Generally, fans of these arcade games try to get high scores. They play it on the web for free as well. So, with Pacman 30th Anniversary, Google has introduced this game as a doodle for people to play. 

There’s no doubt about the popularity of this game. Not only google but a lot of other websites have also released several activities in honor of the popular retro game Pacman. For instance, Facebook did release the Pacman Messenger game, and Twitter too allowed the users to use Pacman30 as a hashtag. Since the 1980s, the game has remained a classic arcade game. 

Pacman Game In Short

Pacman Game In Short
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So, now that we know that Pacman 30th Anniversary is here, let’s talk about the game. There are a lot of people out there who may not know about this game. Well, for them, we should mention a bit about how the game works. So, as we mentioned earlier, it’s a classic maze-chasing game. 

The goal here is to collect as many dots and fruits as possible while avoiding ghosts. So, the game has multiple levels, and the difficulty increases with each. There are challenging levels where gamers need to stay focused and avoid ghosts, or else, they may lose a life in the process. 

The original PacMan arcade game lovers will definitely enjoy the new edition of this game. As a retro game, it’s still quite famous to this date. The latest edition of this maze-chasing game reintroduces players to the character of Pacman and the ghosts they love. PacMan is the Yellow circular character with a mouth that opens to eat the dots. 

So, it’s the job of the players to move the characters through the maze and collect as many dots as possible. The goal here is to get the dots and score as high as possible. Moreover, the new edition also comes with lots of upgrades. For instance, Pacman now can upgrade its abilities. It needs to collect power pellets that will grant him the ability to chase down the ghosts for a limited time. 

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that the Pacman 30th Anniversary celebrates the game with new graphics and sounds. Moreover, it also has high score tables and special challenges for the players who wish to get more challenges. While it’s not a game for everybody, if you love arcades and some challenges, then you can try this Maze-chasing game. 


Google Doodle on Pacman 30th Anniversary has decided to celebrate the game’s legacy with a cool introduction of the game to its doodle site. Now the old players can play this game in a new light, and the new players can get a taste of what the game is actually like. It’s incredible that the game still has such a wide fan base. 

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