Self Defense Keychain: Everything You Should Know Before Buying One

Self Defense Keychain
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In recent times, internet searches about self defense keychain for women have skyrocketed rapidly. If you are aware of the market, then you would know that there are numerous self defence tools available in themarket for women. However, internet searcehs for such tools have never shown such a rapid increase until recently. We know that that the world in which we live, has never been a very peaceful one and especially for women. Even now, crimes against women get reported in large numbers.

Therefore, women are no longer ready to be the passive sufferers. That is why, they are looking for keychains that can be used as tools for selfe defence and that is absolutely great. If you are thinking that these products are rare on the market, trhen you are on the wrong track of thought. In fact, after TikTok and many other social media platforms started featuring various models of these products, you can easily get yourself a self defense keychain set. Therefore, if you wish to know more in this regard, then this article is the perfect stop for you. 

Stats On Social Media And Internet

As we already know that internet searches for keychains for  self defence have rapidly increased. In fact, if you take a look at the stats on Google, then you wold know that internet searches about these products have increased greatly between Gebruary 2020 and March 2021. Moreover, on TikTok, there are posts with keywords about these keychains. What is more interesting is that users have viewed these posts for around 480 million times. 

Stats On Social Media And Internet

About Market Sales 

Just to give you an idea about the sales of these products, let me sight the example of an alarm keychain named She’s Birdie. This product has been sold in huge amounts since 2019 and the producers have also been stunned by the sale. 

There is yet another type of keychains that has become greatly popular. It is the cat self defense keychain. These are nothing but plastic kitty-shaped things and they have become trendy through Instagram and Etsy. They are really cute to look at and look adorable when worn on fingers. However, this is very potent tool for self defence. It is actually a rebranded sharpened type of brass knuckles. However, there are some states which treat these as illegal, but are highly effective. Pne report suggests that these tools helped a woman from Wisconsin to defend herself against an attempt of sexual harrassment. 

In addition to all these, a self defense keychain with taser has also become very popular. In fact, tasers and pepper sprays are among the oldest self defence tools that women have been using since eternity. However, adding a taser to a keychain is somewhat a rebranding. However, in some states you would require a permit to carry the tasers. Therefore, be very careful while buying them. 

About Market Sales 

The Question Of Legality

In legal matters, we should always be careful. In fact, carrying and using any self-defence tool must have a check line. John Roman, a senior fellow in the Economics, Justice, and Society Group at the University of Chicago has something important to say. He stated that using any self defence tool is legal when the usage of it is proportional to the threat. According to him, staying alert is the key to self defense and tools should be used as only last resorts. 

In addition, the court will not treat all self defense cases equally. In fact, in 2018, a white woman of 22 was detained for possessing cat-shaped defense tool. She was charged with carrying illegal weapons. However, while addressing her case, the court legalised cat key chains and brass knuckles. 


1. Is self defense keychain legal?

Not all states treat these keychains equally. Therefore, in some states they are not deemed as legal.

2. Where can you get a cat self defense keychain?

There are online outlets selling these products in plenty these days. 

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