Some Tips On What To Do With Old Books

Old Books
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You probably have a shelf in your home or office full of old books and you don’t know what to do with them. These have one serious problem: once they’ve been read, their usefulness diminishes almost entirely. With the large number of books that exist in the world, it is very rare that you use the time to re-read an old book. Many people do not know what to do with old books and hire a house or office clearance service to throw them away even though you feel sorry for them. However, there are some ways you can get rid of them, although some may be somewhat radical.


Books that we have already read once or several times and that have already remained to be remembered. One of the problems they have is that it takes up physical space. With current technology, we can have millions of books in electronic format thanks to those that come in electronic format. Thus, they do not occupy a physical space and we can delete or buy/download everything we want to read.

The first thing we can do to know what to do with old books is to give them to those closest to you who want to read this book or to those you want to donate. What is old to one may be new to another. If you’re going to throw the book away, it’s better if someone else can use it and read it. Many of these books may need it as we are not just talking about literature. It can also be text.

One of the wonders of the human being is imagination. And it is that one of the things to do with old books is to build furniture. You can build tables, benches, and shelves with everything you no longer use. It is important that they have a strong cover so that there is greater durability. Thanks to this you can recycle and give a second life to a large number of stored books that have no function at all.

Although it’s not one of the options I recommend the most, you can use a storage room to store books. If you don’t want to donate or recycle them, because you love them a lot or have a special value to you, you can use a repository to save them over and over again. You just need to box them up and put them in a warehouse.

Advice on what to do with old books

Another way to bring old books to life is to release them in public places. You can voluntarily leave them at subway stations, buses, coffee tables, etc. Surely someone will pick it up and keep it. In addition to getting rid of these books, you’ll be giving a book to someone you don’t know who might find it useful. You will surely appreciate it.

They can also take them to libraries and donate them. Other people will be able to use what you no longer want. First, you need to find out where the mini-libraries are to get them. That way, they will be able to keep all the books and fill their shelves with culture.

Donating books can give a great idea of ​​what to do with old books. Fortunately, you can take them to NGOs, schools, libraries and organizations that may need them. Also, if you categorize them accurately and bring them to each institution, you will have a better chance of being accepted.

One way to profit from them is to sell them through social networks. It is possible that the Internet will be your best ally in this case. There are still many people who want to read and you can sell them at a cheaper price, using social networks. In this way, you avoid having to print again with the raw material costs that they entail. Keep in mind that even though you are selling them very cheaply, you have already given them the use you want and even so by selling a few you can save enough money to buy a new one that you need or want.

If you are one of those who have a very large library of many interests, you can create a small second-hand sales business. This is turning the space problem into an advantage. You should also get these books, you can earn some extra money. You just have to find a place to display and offer them. If you sell them at a good price, you can probably get rid of them.

Recycle them

An important aspect to consider is knowing what to do with old books is recycling. Without any of the other compelling functions, it is important to contribute to the care of the environment. Paper consumption has been significantly reduced worldwide thanks to the use of digital technology. However, there is still much work to be done. To reduce the consumption of raw materials, it is interesting to recycle old books. One of the more drastic options is to recycle the ones you don’t need that you will use again.

Books are deposited in the blue recycling bin and used to create new ones and take advantage of available material. The paper must be in good condition so that it can be fully used. You should keep in mind that it is one of the most environmentally friendly ways, but you will not benefit from old books. You have to find the balance between making the most of your old books or not. Recycling these books may be a somewhat more altruistic option.

If you are one of those who have great imagination and skill, you can make crafts with them. That is, there are many forms such as flower bouquets with leaves, bags, etc. Being able to enjoy books and give them a second life. Some people used old garden books about succulents. These plants hardly need watering, so the pages of the book will not suffer. The truth is that it is quite decorative and useful.