How Can I Spy My Boyfriend With My Android Phone

Spy My Boyfriend

You’re in a loving relationship with someone you never want to lose. That’s why you need to make sure they’re being honest with you at all times. You can tell a lot about a person by going through their phone, so that’s one sure way to know he’s telling the truth. So what do you do?

You use the latest technology, that’s what! For example, the Spyier app. You can find out where your boyfriend is, what he’s doing, and even who he’s with by going through his phone from your own android phone. Do you know the best part of technology like this? He doesn’t have to be disturbed by it! Here’s the best way to spy on your boyfriend from your android phone.



Spyier is one of the biggest apps currently and for all the right reasons. It uses cutting-edge technology to enable people to monitor other devices remotely. The device you’re monitoring could be yours or belong to someone else such as your child or your spouse. It is so effective, it’s trusted by more than one million users in over 190 countries around the world.

Spyier is also recognized by big brands such as PC World, Tech Advisor, Mac World, and Digital Trends, to name a few. The reason it is so widely accepted is how easy to use and all its cool features. For one, iOS users can enjoy the full experience without actually downloading the app. 

The cutting-edge technology comes with other cool features to be mentioned below.

Cool Features Of Spyier

Cool Features Of Spyier

  • Unlike other apps, rooting target Android devices for Spyier is not necessary. 
  • Users can monitor various social apps rather than just one.
  • iOS devices can not only skip downloading the app but also avoid jailbreak and physical access.
  • It is undetectable on both Android and iOS devices.
  • You can track all social apps. You may hack their Instagram account, Whatsapp account, Snapchat account, Viber account, and Facebook, while also monitoring web history, calls, SMS, location, and SIM.

Getting A Spyier Account

First off, you want to visit the website via the link mentioned above. There, find your way to the pricing page where you’ll be presented with all the plans and their requirements. Choose the one that meets the requirements you have or that you can afford, and pay for it. While paying, you’ll need to provide an email address, and you’ll see why after the payment is completed.

Once the payment has been confirmed, you get your login information which will be sent to the email address you provided. You’ll get a default password, but you can change it whenever you like. And that’s it! You have an account now.

Using it will then depend on the operating system of the device you’re trying to monitor. One constant, however, is that you get a control panel on the website the moment you log in and click on ‘Start Monitoring’.

Cool Features Of Spyier

Android Solution

Using Spyier on Android devices is not like using other apps. It’s a lot easier thanks to the most advanced technology used. To start, simply download and install the app on the phone to be monitored. The app is smaller than 2MB, so it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to install.

The small app size is a great feature that makes it undetectable since it won’t take up a lot of space. Plus, you can remove the app icon after you set it up. You don’t even need to root the device. All of this ensures your boyfriend would never be bothered by your monitoring!

Don’t worry about draining the device’s battery because this app doesn’t do that. And whenever you think you’re done with using it, you don’t have to get to his phone again to uninstall it. You can just do that from the control panel on your own device. It’s all very safe and secure as long as you’re the only one who knows the password and login details to the account that can monitor the device activity. 

iOS solution

Using Spyier on iOS is as easy as using it on Android, if not easier. The solution on iOS is web-based, so take your mind off the idea that you need to download any app to monitor. You can do that remotely from the website. Therefore, there’s also no need for jailbreaking your phone.

The iOS device has to be running on iOS 7 and above to effectively be monitored. Input and verify the cloud account being used on the device and you can start spying right there and there. No download or jailbreak hassle.

Spyier FAQs

Here are some questions people have about Spyier and using it:

  • Can I use Spyier everywhere?

Since it remotely tracks the device, you don’t really need to be close to it. So, yes. You can use Spyier to track any device in the world.

  • Do I need an account before I can use Spyier?

Yes, you need an account to use Spyier, and you can only get one after you’ve paid for your preferred plan.

  • Is it legal to spy on my boyfriend with Spyier?

You’ll have to check the local laws of where you are. For instance, in the US, it is legal to monitor the devices of minors and consenting adults. So, if your boyfriend permits you, you definitely can! Asides from the different laws regarding how you use it, Spyier itself is completely legal.

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