6 Benefits Of How Massage Can Relax Your Mind and Body

6 Benefits Of How Massage Can Relax Your Mind and Body

Are you looking to de-stress after a long day? Do you find that your shoulder and neck are chronically sore from the way that you sit, type at your computer, or drive your car? Maybe you are an elite-level athlete who frequently goes through intense training and your body is taking a beating. Whatever the reason, getting a sports massage, Swedish massage, or hot stone massage can be the answer to helping your tense muscles, stressed-out mindset, or tired brain. 

Let’s see a few benefits of how getting a massage in Lexington, KY can help you relax your mind, body, and spirit! Curious where you should go? 

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Stress relief

Massage has been proven to help reduce stress in patients with all types of backgrounds and conditions. It doesn’t matter where you get your stress from – people may be stressed from their job, their daily life, their relationship, or their finances. However, getting a massage can help those who are stressed out by releasing endorphins and reducing high levels of cortisol and blood pressure in your body.

Anxiety reduction

The next way that massage therapy can help reduce any tension and stress in your body is by dealing with chronic or current anxiety. Anxiety isn’t something that needs to be dismissed and frowned upon – dealing with anxiety in your mind and body is the best way that you can avoid any long-term mental health concerns that can transform into physical issues later on in life. Suffering from chronic anxiety is a real illness that needs treatment – getting a massage can help those suffering from this disease by reducing levels of mobility, nervousness, and anxiety!

Reduce muscle tension

If your muscles are always tight, you are always going to be in a constant state of tension. Avoid this muscle tension from ruining your mind and body by getting a massage! Joint stiffness due to disuse, tightness due to a lack of range of motion, and soreness due to intense working out and exercising can cause your muscles to be painful and sore. Avoid this soreness from taking over your mind and body by getting a massage from Corey Proffitt Studios Massage! 

Joint pain relief

The last benefit that you can get from a massage at your local massage parlor is reducing any joint pain. Joint pain can occur for various reasons, such as osteoporosis or arthritis. These degenerative conditions can only worsen over time, so tackling the condition before it ruins your joints and causes unbearable pain is key to being able to stay on your feet for longer. 

Along with these degenerative illnesses, joint pain can also occur from overuse – have you ever heard of runner’s knee or patellar tendonitis? This issue can occur due to repetitive motions, such as excess walking, running, or jumping. Prevent this repetitive stress on your joints and muscles from ruining your body by getting a massage on the muscles surrounding your aching joints.


Are you suffering from mental and physical stress? Finding an all-natural way to cure this pain is key to preventing any long-term mind and body issues. Get the benefits of a hands-on and full-body massage from Corey Proffitt Studios Massage!