The Stunning Form Of Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Difficult To Overcome For The Wizards

Giannis Antetokounmpo

It is intriguing to mention that Giannis Antetokounmpo was a 7-foot, 243-pound obstacle for the resurgent Washington Wizards at large. It happened on Tuesday night at Fiserv Forum. He is the most dangerous opponent of the Wizards. Hence it is interesting to note that the most formidable opponent since Delon Wright and Rui Hachimura had returned from injuries late last month. 

Curious readers must know that he was the two-time MVP and his Milwaukee Bucks. Also, it must be mentioned that Washington appeared to be in danger. It happened collectively for about 16 minutes.

The Bucks won 123-113. It all happened due to the brilliant performance of Giannis Antetokounmpo. The victory is owed to his thunderous up-and-down play. Hence the game was a delight for fans. We also find that there has been a career-high 55 points coupled with 10 rebounds, and even seven assists.

The accomplishment of Giannis Antetokounmpo joins a long list of notable and remarkable ones. All of these have occurred in the NBA recently. Antetokounmpo recorded his fifth 50-point performance in the league in the past few days. It was seen following Donovan Mitchell’s 71-point performance. That was observed in Cleveland on Monday. 

Last week, interestingly Dallas’ Luka Doncic defeated New York. The defeat was with 60 points. It has a total of just 21 rebounds and 10 assists.

Injury of Bradley Beal

Injury of Bradley Beal
Credit: the washington post

Bradley Beal was injured in the game. Hence it is very problematic for the Wizards. They lost not only their winning streak but also their significant player.

Beal resents his injury like anyone in his situation will. He scored eight points in 20 minutes. But luck did not favor the team. Hence the Wizards had nothing to celebrate.

Statement of Bradley Beal

The statement of Bradley Beal shows his frustration. Let us see what he said. 

“I tried to make a few accelerations, and [it] kind of prevented me from doing that. It’s frustrating because I didn’t have that the last 48 hours. Nobody wants to play more than me. But I’ve just got to be smart about it.”

“It’s tough. It is frustrating. I always preach your best ability is your availability, and I haven’t been that. That piece is definitely frustrating, but I have to be encouraged and understand that there’s still more that I can contribute to the game,” Beal asserted. “… It’s tough because we’re playing good ball. I want to be a part of that.”

Interesting aspects of the game

It is interesting to note that Antetokounmpo dictated the complete outcome of the entire game. He was there with a skillfully drawn foul whenever the situation demanded it. Overall our analysis reveals that the Wizards’ defense was inconsistent. Interestingly they didn’t fall apart as much because they didn’t have anything that could have changed the game down the stretch. What they overall lacked was a ringer to bring in late. Hence that impacted the game significantly. 

The Wizards erased 10-point deficits for the majority of the game and this has to be understood with diligence. However, we find this to relapse minutes later. However, the Bucks proved to be excellent problem solvers at large. 

Interesting aspects of the game
Credit: The sports rush

Two important reasons of Wizards losing

  1. Doncic fuelled the scoring surge in NBA.
  2. Johnny Davis has to stay away due to injury.


We can end with the words of Coach Wes Unseld Jr.: “There has to be just a little more urgency to get below the ball”.

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