Legal Marketing Tips | Everything You Need to Grow Your Law Firm

Legal Marketing Tips

Are you a lawyer who wants to grow their law firm? Well, you are the only one. Just like you, there are hundreds of lawyers out there who want to become a well-renowned name in the market. However, the industry is extremely crowded, so it is not easy to secure a footing. It takes a lot of time and effort to grow your legal firm. And above all, it takes a strong, effective and efficient legal marketing strategy to take your law firm to the next step of success. If you want to grow your business, you need to think like a marketer. So today, keep the lawyer inside you in the closet and check out this post as a marketer as we share some essential tips for growing your business with effective legal marketing.

Legal Marketing

Let’s begin with analysing your target location.

The ideal target location for small law firms in the local area. Yes! We know most lawyers would not have even thought of it because everyone is trying to build a big brand, and that’s why they are targeting a huge audience that is out of their capacity. A small law firm should cater its services in the local area and then slowly expand its boundaries and the team. Finding a target audience in a local area is easy and increases your chances of generating leads. You should think from your client’s point of view. Would you visit a completely different state to meet a lawyer if you need legal assistance? Well, in most cases, no until someone wants to hire a specific lawyer from a different state. This means that your chances of generating leads in your local market are pretty high.

When we have figured out your target audience, it is time to learn about one of the most important factors that will impact your legal marketing strategy. Of course, we are talking about ORM.

Online Reputation Management

Legal Marketing

No one would want to hire a lawyer who has been in controversies and has a bad reputation in the market. That’s why it is vital to hire a legal expert who has a good online reputation. This means that your image as a lawyer in the online market should be perfect. You should not be associated with any sort of false information that may harm your reputation. People will only hire you if you project yourself in the best possible manner, and for that, you would need to take care of your online reputation. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an important part of legal marketing strategy. It helps maintain a good, positive and healthy image of you and your law firm across the internet.

Let’s explore some tips we would like to give you to create an effective and efficient legal marketing strategy.

Legal marketing tips

#1 Focus on the local area

The first thing you have to do is focus on the local area. Next, you need to make sure that you are visible in your local online market. One of the best tools to increase your online local visibility is Google Business Profile. It is a free tool by Google any business owner can use to bring their business on the internet. So, you need to make sure to add Google Business Profile to your legal marketing strategy.

#2 Local optimization

Optimizing your Google Business Profile will rank it in the top position on SERP. Optimizing Google Business Profile is not complicated. Anyone with just basic knowledge can do it. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Let us tell you some of those.

  1. You need to make sure to add an excellent description to your Google Business Profile. In addition, you must add local geo-targeted keywords to the description so that the search engine can know which area you are trying to reach.

  2. Make sure to frequently update your Google Business Profile, and you can do that by publishing Google posts. For example, you can publish geo-tagged images with a caption that includes appropriate keywords.

  3. You must add accurate business information such as the business’s name, contact no and address of your legal firm. Also, this information should be constant all across the internet as it will also contribute to a higher ranking position.

#3 Get the reviews

As mentioned before, online reputation is the key element to the success of your legal firm, and that’s why it is extremely crucial to get positive reviews from your clients. Having positive reviews online will leave a positive impression on the minds of your potential leads. You should neglect this legal marketing strategy in this business industry where reputation and brand image are the real game. We know it is not easy to get reviews from all of your clients because not many people bother to return to the business just to leave feedback. You might have to find a way to collect positive reviews, like sending a follow-up.

#4 The content game

You are from an industry where a single word can make you win or lose the legal case. Hence, we hope you understand how much the words matter. You need to be extremely careful while choosing the words to promote your business. If you are creating content for your legal firm, you need to make sure that your words project the best image of your legal firm.

Text is not the only type of content you should take into consideration. Since you will be dealing with other types of content such as images and video, you need to take care of the message these pieces of content are delivering to your target audience.

#5 The social media platform

Which social media platform you should choose? There is no fixed answer; you need to analyse your audience and their preference for social media platforms. Every social media has its audience, and you need to figure out which platform has the audience you want to target. You have to analyses the market and research your audience. This will help you drive your legal firm closer to your target audience.

#6 Ad campaign

If you want to make an investment that has a great potential to generate ROI, ad campaigns would be perfect for you. We would recommend you to go for a PPC ad campaign. PPC will help you grow your business without much investment. In this type of ad campaign, you just have to pay for the clicks your ad will be getting. If you have a business website, you can rank it on the top position of search engine pages through PPC. This way, your website will be the first thing your online target audience will see when they search for a target keyword. Not just the search engines; you can run an ad campaign on social media platforms as well.

At the end

Legal marketing is extremely important for those who want to take their law firms to the next level of success. Therefore, it is extremely important to develop an efficient and effective legal marketing strategy to help you achieve your business goals. We hope that this above-mentioned information will help you create an effective, efficient and fool proof marketing strategy to grow your business.