What Is Stainless Steel Braided Hose?

Stainless Steel Braided Hose

The primary use of a Stainless Steel Braided Hose pipe is to ensure that the fluid inside it is released at high pressure. This ensures that the fluid, which in many cases is water, is released almost like a fountain. The water inside a hose is kept under high pressure. So once the pressure is released the water gushes out with a great force. Thus, while manufacturing hoses it is essential for manufacturers to choose a material that can withstand high pressure. Moreover, the hose itself should not burst under the pressure exerted by the fluid in it. Hence, one of the favoured materials for manufacturing hoses is stainless steel as it is known to be an alloy that can withstand great pressure. Hire services from the composite hose manufacturers out there. 

Stainless Steel Braided Hose

Some of the essential features and advantages of stainless steel braided hose have been discussed below.

1. Stainless steel braided hoses are flexible

Reliable composite hose manufacturers often mention that in factories involved in manufacturing heavy engineering products use stainless steel braided hoses because of the high tensile strength and malleability of the product. A braided hose can be easily bent and the fluid inside it can be sprayed in various directions. Moreover, while the pipe is being bent the integrity of the pipe remains unchanged. In other words, the hose does not bend or break when it is bent in various directions. This is especially important when coolants have to be sprayed onto factory equipment in order to reduce the temperature. The pipe must be moved in various directions so that the coolant reaches all sections of the equipment. Moreover, while the pipe is being bent, the hose itself should not crack or get twisted.  Similarly, stainless steel braided hoses are often used in agriculture. The pliability and flexibility of these hoses allow water to be sprayed in all directions of a field. This ensures that a single hose can be used to water the entire field. Thus, the pliability and flexibility of stainless steel braided hoses make these suitable to be used in various industrial sectors.

2. Temperature resistant

A stainless steel braided hose is manufactured by interweaving stainless steel strips. This braiding ensures that the pipe itself becomes flexible and makes it resistant to temperature changes. The steel wires do not get warped when exposed to high temperature followed by low temperature. Steel pipes often burst or become twisted when there is a change in temperature. However, a stainless steel braided hose is known to remain unchanged even if the temperature falls to -53.89°C or rises to 232.2°C. This unique feature of stainless steel braided hose makes it ideal to carry materials like coolants.

3. Pressure resistant

Stainless steel itself is a very strong alloy of steel. It has the ability to withstand great pressure and force. Steel does not easily get warped under great pressure. Thus, when this material is used to make a braided hose pipe, you can be assured that it too will have this quality of steel. A braided stainless steel hose can not only withstand great pressure but also is also known to remain unchanged when subjected to great frictional force. Any fluid flowing through a pipe will exert pressure on the inner walls of the pipe. Moreover, as it is flowing and hence, it will also generate frictional force. Both of these together can result in the hose getting warped or broken. Thus, a material that can withstand both of these forces must be used to manufacture the hose. One such material is braided stainless steel. Thus, hose pipes made from braided stainless steel do not bend, break or get warped when subjected to high pressure and frictional force. 

4. Does not undergo chemical changes

Hose pipes are often used to transfer fluids that can chemically affect the conduit. In other words, a hose pipe should be made of a material that does not chemically react with the fluid its carrying. Stainless steel does not corrode easily and does not get oxidised. Hence, a stainless steel braided hose will also be resident to oxidation. Moreover, it does not react with most chemicals. This makes it suitable to be used in the pharmaceutical industry. During the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, various chemicals need to be carried from one place to another within a manufacturing unit. Herein if the chemicals are in the fluid form, it is preferable to use stainless steel braided hoses as normally these would not react with the chemicals. This would ensure that the chemical composition of the fluids remains unchanged. 

Thus, stainless steel braided hoses have many features that make these ideal to be used in major industrial sectors like heavy engineering, automobile manufacturing, agriculture and pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, stainless steel braided hoses do not get oxides easily and to a large extent chemically making these ideal to carry fluids.