Tips From Kevin O’ Leary On How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business As A Teenager

How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business As A Teenager

If you wonder How to start a lawn mowing business as a teenagerthere are many ways to do it. As a teen, there are several small businesses you can explore. You can earn a decent income from a humble job such as lawn mowing. In your free time, it is possible to do this task and gain more experience in the business. 

Further, it is a surprise to hear that a business tycoon such as Kevin O Leary’s first business as a teenager is lawn mowing. Shark tank is a popular show that teens and adults love as it inspires them to start their own businesses. If you aspire to start a business one day know what the famous shark says about the Lawn Mowing business. 

The Popular Shark Says That His First Business Is Lawn Mowing 

Kevin O’ Leary is a popular shark in Shark tank and a successful businessman. Mr Wonderful has many business ventures through which he earns in billions. However, it is a surprise that his first business is lawn mowing. In an interview, he shares that as a teenager he first worked in an ice cream shop. That is the day when he first realized that he wants to be the boss of his own business.

Furthermore, He thought to never work for anybody. The next thing young mr wonderful did was mow the lawn. He did a partnership with other kids and took shifts in the neighborhood houses. From the experience of Kevin 0’ Leary, it is clear that any teen can be an entrepreneur with a lawn mowing business. If you wonder how to get started with it here are a few details for you. 

The Effective Tips On How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business As A Teenager

Approaching the homes in the neighborhood 

Many hire lawnmowers that are professional. Some teens may ask how I do I stand the chance with the professionals. All you need is to start lawn mowing in the neighborhood. People near you know and believe you. They will happily allow you to mow their lawn than to hire strangers. 

Further, you can start in your relative’s house, neighbors and friends. After getting more experience you can expand it. Also, people close to you know how it is important to learn skills as a teen. Therefore, you can surely expect your neighbours to allow you to mow their lawn and they may also give you decent tips. 

The tools you need for lawn mowing 

There are basic tools for lawn mowing that helps to do the task. A leaf blower, sniper, cutter and a few trimming tools are good enough for this job. If you are a teen who does not have any idea about it then you can search on interest for these tools. 

Also, you can visit the nearest garden or hardware shop to find all this stuff. At times you may have all this equipment handy at your home. At first, you can use the tools available and buy new stuff when you earn from this job. Lawn mowing is the ideal way to start a business as a teen. 

Choosing the right time to balance the work 

As a teen, you may have a lot of things on your shoulders. You may have to learn, go to school and do bundles of homework at home. Early morning and afternoon are the best time to lawn mown. 

Further, when you walk around the neighborhood in the morning you can get more chances to mow their lawn. Also, try to approach elderly people and sick people around your neighborhood. They might allow you to mow their lawn and they will be grateful for your kindness. 

Do the extra work 

Lawn mowing is a great business as it opens new doors for teens. When you do this job you can not only mown but also get chances to clean their lawn. Cleaning animal poop around their lawn is a humble yet best way to start a business as a teen. 

Besides, adults do not have time for such petty tasks so they may hand over these daily activities to you for a price. With this experience, you can learn more about businesses such as electrical work, plumbing and cleaning businesses which is a good side income. 

Price and earnings in lawn mowing 

Teens may have a tough time determining a price for their lawn mowing business. The best way to charge is on an hourly basis. If you are just getting started with it you can easily charge 20 dollars per hour. When you gain more expertise in this job you can expand your business and pricing. You can also choose a kid as a partner in the lawn mowing business. 


Here are exceptional tips on How to start a lawn mowing business as a teenager. By starting this business you can learn many skills in business. Know more about it from the above article.