Sports Betting With Guaranteed Profit: Is It Possible?

Sports Betting

It is easy to find and place sports bets nowadays. Online casinos and bookmakers offer various options for players with diverse preferences. Some of them know how to make a guaranteed profit using surebets. How does a sportsbook arbitrage finder work? Read below.

What is an arb

What is an arb?

An arb is a short form of the term ‘arbitrage situation,’ also known as surebet. This name refers to the concept of wagering while being sure you will win.

The principle of surebet is finding out the difference of bookmaker odds for two or more opposite outcomes of the game and betting just the right amount to make a certain profit.

There are two types of arbs: live and prematch. Their gist corresponds to their names:

  • A prematch surebet is the one you make before the game starts. It is more static and allows newcomer arbers to get profit and experience.

  • A live surebet is much more dynamic because you will be making a bet during the game. The situation changes throughout the match, so you must react instantly. This option provides faster enrichment but is more complicated. That’s why it is commonly viewed as an advanced tactic for pro gamblers.

There is also an option of value betting, which you can read about at, but that is a different story.

What Has Formed Arbs?

It often happens in the following situations:

  • Some bookmakers are setting the odds excessively high in attempts to attract more gamblers.

  • Untimely corrections of the odds. Bookies tend to miss the moments when they should adjust the odds according to new events or information.

  • Imbalanced bets. Sometimes, one of the outcomes may receive too many bets within a short period of time. This causes the necessity of artificial balancing.

  • Human errors. Sometimes, bookmakers get their numbers wrong and cause gamblers to wager money for the wrongly perceived odds. Usually, such situations get solved quickly, and bookies return the money.

So, the surebets often come from natural or intended imbalance. You can even profit from this disproportion if you learn to calculate the arbs.

How to Calculate a Surebet?

Calculating becomes easy once you grasp the concept and understand the interrelations. Let’s say there is a soccer game between the teams A and B. We want to bet 500 USD and get a profit, so we look for the bookmakers’ odds.

We have found one giving 2.2 for TO 2.5 and the other giving a 2.06 for TU 2.5. We need to wager 240 USD on 2.2 and 260 USD on 2.06. Thus, we will have a net income of at least 28 USD from every bet.

You can make these calculations much quicker and easier by using the BetWasp calculator. It allows setting the main and secondary parameters to identify the perfect stakes for you.

What Are Surebet Scanners, And How Can They Benefit You?

Finding surebets without a specialized software solution is next to impossible. But with the help of the scanner, you can quickly find the arbitrage situations and place your bets immediately. This software scans all the disproportions leading to surebets in a split second and delivers the search results directly to your device’s screen.

Surebet Scanners

The BetWasp scanner provides access to information on about 50 sportsbooks in over 40 sports. It is free to use and has additional tools to help you calculate your wagers and final income. It also suits newbies because the free version is unlimited, the website has considerate explanations, and the company provides you with insightful tips. Their help center has meaningful articles that help get directions and start making the right bets.

Professional arbers can also benefit from using the platform by expanding their possibilities with paid subscriptions. BetWasp offers three of those, each offering advanced opportunities for calculating prematch and live surebets, separately or all together.


Many people wish they could profit from betting on sports but miss the real opportunities. Surebets can help you get guaranteed profit. By using imbalanced situations, arbers make the system work for them. It is extremely difficult to calculate manually, but the right software streamlines this process. BetWasp is an advanced solution suitable for both newbies and pros, so do not hesitate to take a chance!

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