Christmas Ornaments And Decorations

Christmas Ornaments And Decorations

During the festive season, we find most Christmas ornaments and decorations on the actual Christmas tree. Most ornaments and decorations are bought, but with some imagination and a few basic crafting skills, you can make your own. For example, you can use typical items like Christmas ribbon to add decor not only to your tree, but to decorate garlands, wreaths, and wrapped gifts as well. Store bought ornaments and decorations are mostly made of china, glass, resin or wood.

When manufacturers sell Christmas decorations they are hoping that you will not stop there. By selling themed decorations they hope that you will go on to buy a whole range of matching accessories.

Christmas decorations were originally put on trees to mollify the gods. Now they are tools that the marketing industry uses to sell more and more items each year. Prior to the arrival of Christianity, most ornaments and decorations were made from flowers, fruit, and other colorful items.

Familiar Christmas Ornaments And Decorations

Familiar Christmas Ornaments And Decorations

For hundreds of years the Germanic countries have decorated their Christmas trees. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, popularized the pastime of decorating the Christmas tree during the mid part of the nineteenth century. During the 19th century Christmas ornaments and decorations usually consisted of hand carved Christian images, such as angels. Before the introduction and mass production of the now ever present blinking lights, our festive trees were adorned with a now rarely seen Christmas ornament – the Christmas tree candle, now shunted into Christmas ornament and decoration history as they do not comply with current health and safety requirements. These candles and fabulous carvings have been superseded by fairy lights and brightly coloured shining baubles; just as homemade biscuits and fruits have become sugared sweets and chocolates.Image result for Familiar Christmas Ornaments And Decorations

The Swedish still craft the traditional style Christmas decorations, which are made primarily from wood, these are still the most common tree decorations in Scandinavia. The Swedish have built an industry around their Christmas ornaments and decorations, now exporting them throughout the world. There is also a growing industry in beautiful glass hand blown Christmas ornaments and decorations, these look very special as they shine and shimmer next to the lights and create a charming scene.

Just as there are traditional Christmas decorations, there are traditional colours which are used on the decorations;these are silver, gold, green and red.

As people look for new and innovative ideas to impress the market has responded with personalized Christmas decorations. However,the most foolproof way to have something totally unique is to have made it yourself. The making of Christmas ornaments and decorations is a great fun for the family and an activity which younger children will always remember fondly.

When To Put Up The Christmas Tree

In the USA it is traditional for the Christmas tree to be put up after Thanksgiving. However, every year Christmas seems to start a little bit earlier, all the shops seem to be in the Christmas mood from the beginning of December. In the interest of profits, shops are now stocking Christmas ornaments and decorations before the 1st December. Some still believe that the time to start preparing your Christmas tree is the first Sunday of Advent, but there are still families who do not decorate there tree until Christmas Eve.

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Old and antique Christmas ornaments and decorations have become collectors’ items and are in much demand. This market is kept alive by people who are trying to recreate the perceived Christmas atmosphere of yesteryear. Which ever way you decorate your home and Christmas tree it is wonderful to personalize it in some way so that it will be something to remember that is pleasing to look at and right for creating the festive spirit.

Christmas ornaments and decorations have become symbolic in representing the coming of the festive season. Once you see the first decorations you know that the Christmas cheer is well underway. You can use outdoor Christmas light projectors for fast and easy install and use.

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