Main characteristics of Dermalax Deep Plus filler based on lidocaine and hyaluronic acid

Dermalax Deep Plus

Dermalax Deep Plus is a monophasic intradermal gel containing 24 mg/ml of highly reticulated stabilized hyaluronic acid. Its main purpose is to combat medium and deep wrinkles in the face and neck, as well as to correct the shape and volume of the lips. Due to the dense and homogeneous consistency of the filler, the substance is evenly distributed in folds of different depths.

The ample opportunities offered by modern cosmetology allow many patients in beauty salons and clinics to avoid surgical interventions and dangerous procedures to combat signs of aging and chronological changes in the body. A new generation of injectable products makes it possible to restore youthfulness, freshness, and health of the skin in the clinic setting, using safe and natural fillers with a long-lasting positive effect. Many specialists prefer the Korean fillers Dermalax Deep Plus, which are based on synthesized hyaluronic acid from SHISEIDO. In 2014, a number of tests were conducted that confirmed the safety and effectiveness of the use of this filler in cosmetology and contouring.

The advantages of Dermalax Deep Plus filler in its physiological composition

The basis of the gel is hyaluronic acid 24 mg/ml, which is obtained by biological synthesis from non-pathogenic bacteria Streptococcus and is widely used in cosmetology and pharmacology. The least toxic reticulating agent known, butanediol diglycedyl ether (BDDE), is used for stabilization, which creates a cross-linked structure and enhances the density of hyaluronic acid. This makes the molecules resistant to hyaluronidase and successfully resists the damaging effects of free radicals.

Such gel consistency allows it to remain in the tissues for a long time, about six to twelve months, after which it naturally decomposes. Careful cleansing of the already formed gel from free BDDE impurities, mechanical inclusions and endotoxins completely eliminates the risk of allergic reactions, inflammations, or fibrosis.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component in the human body and is present in connective, nervous and epithelial tissues. With age, there is a deficiency of this substance, which leads to changes in the interior and surface of the dermis, manifested as wrinkles and folds, loss of volume and clarity of contours.

One of the key advantages ofDermalax Deep Plus with lidocaine is its ability not only to even out wrinkles and smooth the skin, but also to restore lost moisture in all layers of the dermis. Hyaluronic acid, as the main component of the intercellular matrix, activates the processes of regeneration, migration and cell division, stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen. As a result, the skin is significantly rejuvenated, the hydro-balance is restored and the face becomes fresh and healthy-looking.

For maximum comfort, Dermalax Deep Plus contains lidocaine at a minimum concentration of 0,03%.

Dermalax Deep Plus lip filler with hyaluronic acid and lidocaine and other solutions in this line your skin a new youthfulness/ With Dermalax Deep Plus hyaluronic filler cosmetologists have an opportunity to solve many aesthetic skin problems without surgery:

  • Smoothing of medium and deep wrinkles (nasolabial and labial chin folds);
  • filling of lost volumes and contours (lips, cheeks, temples, cheekbones);
  • improvement of facial oval;
  • restoration of volume in the brow area.

The drug is injected into the middle layers of the skin, previously cleansed from decorative cosmetics and treated with antiseptic. The local anesthetic lidocaine facilitates injections and reduces the time of the procedure due to the absence of painful sensations. The injections are performed with a syringe with a very thin needle in different techniques, while maintaining sterility. The function is completed with a light massage to distribute the filler evenly.

Immediately after the first session, hyaluronic acid is active, collecting water molecules around itself, which contributes to improved tissue hydrodynamics and the production of new elastin fibers and collagen. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and clean and has a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

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