Fascinating Facts On Susan Andrews, Tucker Carlson’s Wife

Susan Andrews

We know Susan Andrews mainly as the wife of political commentator Tucker Carlson’s wife. Recently, she has come to the news for some interesting reasons. In fact, fans are looking forward to knowing Susan, because they want to learn more about Tucker’s private life. 

Even though we see Tucker Carlson’s political views on the television on a daily basis, what about his wife? So, if you are eager to know about Susan Andrews Tucker Carlson, then we have some awesome facts about her life. 

So, in this article, we shall discuss some interesting facts about her life and her marriage with Tucker Carlson. 

Quick : Bio & Wikipedia

✔ Real Name Susan Elizabeth Andrews
✔ Birthday 26 May 1971
✔ Birthplace Hobart, Tasmania
✔ Nationality American
✔ zodiac sign Virgo
✔ Height 5′ 8″ 5 feet 8 inches
✔ Profession
Australian retired athlete
✔ Spouse Tucker Carlson (m. 1991)
✔ Age As of 2021, She is 50 Year Old
✔ Siblings N/A
✔ Net Worth $1 Million
✔ Parents N/A
✔ Children Buckley

Here Are the Facts On Susan’s Life

Knowing the facts about celebrities is surely interesting. In fact, it’s even more gripping to know about their relatives. Therefore, fans want to know more about Susan, the wife of Tucker Carlson. So, without further ado, let’s explore some fascinating details about Susan Andrews

  • They Have Known Each Other Since A Long Time: 15 years

Did you know that the duo has known each other since they were 15 years old? Carlson, in a recent interview, has told the media about his wife Susan. He recalled that they met during the first week of the 10th standard. In fact, he added that she was the cutest 10th-grade student in the whole of America. 

  • Susan Being Headmaster’s Daughter

This is also a striking fact for the fans. So, Susan’s father, whose name is Rev. George E. Andrews II, was the headmaster of one of the most eminent schools, St. George’s School. 

  • Asking For Susan’s Father’s Permission For Marriage

Love is always sweet and when you have the thumbs up from the parents, it’s even sweeter. Well, this is exactly what happened to Susan and her husband. So, her husband had to ask permission from her father for the marriage. 

In fact, before the marriage, the duo was in a long-distance relationship. So, her husband Tucker mustered up some courage to ask her father about the marriage. Therefore, we can see that it was quite a scene. 

  • 30 Years Of Marriage

The couple tied knots back in 1991. Therefore, they share a marital bond of 30 years. However, as we said earlier, they know each other from the 10th grade. So, we can see that they do have an unbreakable bond. 

  • Susan’s Husband Was Accused Of Rape

Back in the year 200, there was an accusation of rape charges against Susan’s husband Tucker. In fact, Kimberley Carter, a woman accused Tucker, Andrews’ husband of raping her in the region of Kentucky Pizzeria. 

As you can guess, this accusation could have been a huge blow to the career of Tucker. However, Susan had immense support for her husband. In those times, she was always beside her husband against all sorts of accusations. 

Thereafter, Kimberley Carter apologized to people and admitted that she had a mental disorder. Due to such disorder, she thought that Tucker had assaulted her. 

  • Susan Was Present When The Protestors Broke Into The Family Home

In the year 2018, a mob of protestors tried to break into the house of Andrews and Carlson in Washington D.C. In fact, during the time, only Andrews was there in the house. Moreover, she thought that it was a home invasion and therefore locked herself up in the pantry. In addition, she also called the police for help. So, it was a horrific scenario. 

  • The Duo Share Four Children

It’s also worth mentioning that the duo shares four children. Three of them are daughters and one of them is a son. As for their names, the girls are Dorothy, Hopie, Lillie. In addition, the name of their son is Buckley. Though we know their names, the family hasn’t disclosed their ages. 

Final Thoughts:

So, that’s it, folks. We can see that Susan Andrews does have a wonderful life with Tucker Carlson beside her. The couple is very happy together and looking to spend more time with each other.