5 Best Scriptless Testing Tools in 2022

Scriptless Testing Tools

Scriptless testing tools are one of the latest focus trends in development operations for test automations. This makes testing or QA processes a vital part of the life cycle of software development. 

Testing is also one of the major obstacles when it comes to testing automation. For example, finding the right testing tools and automation softwares is a bottleneck for business teams. This can, in turn, affect the quality of the output.

So what are scriptless test tools? How can they help with our bottlenecks? Much importantly, are they better than traditional test automation tools?

Let’s dive in!

What are Scriptless Testing Tools?

Scriptless Test automation is a way of testing using tools instead of running a test code. Building testing tools reduces the cost of hiring development teams and firms solely for testing. 

In the world of automation, scriptless testing gives us an edge over manual testing in the aspects of reduced cost, labor, and time. 

How does Scriptless Test Automation work?

Scriptless testing works in a way famously known as ‘Record and Playback.’ Let’s dig deeper into what this means:

Record and Playback – Scriptless Test Automation

Once the tester accesses the tool, test steps are automatically generated alongside the user interaction. 

This testing can be done in multiple ways – multiple data, valid, invalid, Blank, etc. Once a test case is ready, it’s easier to automate the rest of the process using the scriptless test tool. 

Take, for instance, a lengthy process such as an e-commerce user flow where the user interacts with multiple features, data input fields, and third-party softwares (such as payment gateways). There is massive scope for error within a single flow alone. 

This is where scriptless testing tools come in to reduce your effort in testing manually. 

The Best Scriptless Testing Tools For 2022


TestGrid is one of the most efficient scriptless testing tools. Built on the latest tech stack, TestGrid offers the fastest way of executing tests in a scriptless manner on real devices and browsers hosted at your desired location, i.e., on the cloud or on-premise. 

Users can test their mobile app or website on the latest and legacy devices based upon their needs at as low as $49/month.


  • No primary coding knowledge is required.
  • Flexibility to reuse test cases 
  • Dashboards for rich reporting of data
  • Third-party integrations like  CI/CD tools 
  • Hosted on cloud or on-premise


  • Load testing is not available yet.

Cloud QA 

Cloud QA is a cloud-based scriptless testing tool that provides an end-to-end testing experience. Their inbuilt reporting tools set them apart, which can develop and execute tests automatically.


  • Built on Selenium 
  • End-to-End testing interface
  • Cloud Infrastructure 


  • Limited to UI testing 
  • Cannot test third-party integrations 


AccelQ is an AI-based automation testing tool. The integration of AI is the USP for this platform. The platform consists of natural English coding capabilities and can be integrated with DevOps and quality toolchains. 


  • Generates application blueprint for visual application modeling for UI
  • Self-healing capabilities using NLP (Natural Language Programming) 
  • In-sprint automation using abstraction capability


  • In-built errors such as test fail 
  • Limitations in test execution reporting 

Katalon Studio 

Katalon boasts a wide range of testing capabilities spread throughout multiple platforms such as Web and mobile applications, APIs, etc. It includes multiple features like playback functionalities and drag-and-drop commands, allowing testers to easily import external data.


  • Easy to use for beginners and professional testers
  • User-friendly interface – no code automation
  • It eliminates the need to build frameworks from the ground up 


  • Chances of performances glitches
  • Closed sources, resulting in a smaller community of testers.


Perfecto is a cloud-based automation testing platform that inculcates AI capabilities across multiple devices and browsers. It elevates digital experiences via continuous testing in the CI/CD processes. Perfecto offers the ability to support a live testing environment, getting real-time updates and analyses.


  • Self-healing features for minimum maintenance
  • Ease in tester collaboration


  • Lack of a human touch – camera features, touch ID scanners, etc.
  • Higher chances of errors
  • Intimidating for new users and testers.

Testing tools are becoming the crux for any business, whether a software development company or one focused on business. 

It is essential to understand all the tools and solutions available in the market, especially with automation introducing a new strategy of artificial intelligence and no code. Quantifying these parameters, testgrid.io offers one of the best platforms for you to explore scriptless testing. 

However, if you’re looking for more, you can do so by understanding the team needs (manual or automated testers); companies can figure out which tools suit them the most. 

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