From Duds to Suds: 7 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Laundry Room

Laundry Room

If you procrastinate laundry day until the last second and allow your clothes to pile high before delving into a full day of loading and reloading, you’re not alone. Most laundry-doing adults report that the vicious cycle of wash, dry, fold (and repeat) is enough to send them into a stain-induced frenzy. 

While laundry day may fall to the bottom of your weekly chore list, nobody can escape the chore for too long. While the dread of laundry day may never subside completely, there are ways you can make the seemingly momentous task more enjoyable. 

Because homeowners tend to neglect the laundry rooms located in the darkest, dampest corner of the house, this home to fabric softeners and dryer sheets can begin to resemble a wasteland of unwashed button-ups and mismatched socks. If your laundry room is morphing into a dark (and equally dismal) dungeon, consider revamping your space by brightening it up with splashes of color and swapping out worn-down appliances for new and improved models. That way, when the time does come to drag your overflowing clothing bin to the wash, you’ll have a tidy, organized, functional space to refresh your wardrobe. 

Read on for seven ways you can upgrade your laundry room. 

Splurge on an aesthetically pleasing laundry package

In the past, homeowners stowed laundry appliances in the darkest pits of their basement, hiding the unsightly scene away from guests. Today, homeowners take pride in displaying aesthetically pleasing washer-dryer sets alongside custom, built-in storage units. Whether you have an entire room dedicated to laundry or a smaller area tucked into a kitchen or bathroom, appliance packages can tie the space together, acting as a focal point. 

Once you’ve decided to dive deep into the world of tasteful laundry unit packages, you’ll need to decide on a finish to match your perfectly curated room. If you’re looking for a unique twist on a timeless classic, go with black stainless steel for a long-lasting finish. Or, switch it up with a matte pastel or custom panel set to match the already-existing color schemes. If you’re unsure which package will be best for your needs, visit a reputable home retailer like Goedeker’s to receive expert assistance.  

Upgrade your light fixtures  

One way to spruce up a dismal laundry room is swapping out harsh or dim lighting for unique fixtures with warm-glow bulbs. Often, people overlook the importance of lighting and how it can drastically change the vibe of a room. Consider switching out any fluorescent bulbs for soft glowing pendants that draw your focus upward. Or, if you have windows in your laundry room, make sure they remain unblocked if possible to allow natural light to stream in. 

Swap out old hardware for updated handles 

Another simple way to modernize your laundry room is changing old handles for modern hardware on your storage cabinets. Though this may seem like an insignificant detail, you’d be surprised by much of a difference upgraded handle features can make. Plus, you can choose from sleek metal bars, gem-toned glass pulls, or mismatched vintage pieces for an eclectic feel. 

Take advantage of temporary wallpaper

For those wanting to make a big splash with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, temporary wallpaper may be the perfect solution—especially if you’re unable to alter your wall color permanently. Stick-on wallpaper comes in infinite designs, allowing you to pick and choose between thousands of color schemes and styles. 

For overnight results, conduct a simple search for “temporary wallpaper” and select a roll within your price range, following the instructions provided after purchase. That way, if you’re renting or simply quick to change your mind, you can tear down your masterpiece once you’re ready for a clean slate or new pattern. 

Install a brand-new sink

A sure-fire way to amp up your laundry room is adding a large basin sink to your space, drawing attention to your brand-new fixture. Regardless of whether you go for a simple design with standout hardware or a large farmhouse unit fit for a large family, this upgrade will spruce up your space instantly. Plus, adding a sink to your laundry area will come in handy if you need to scrub down clothing pre-wash, rinse your hands after handling dirty garments, or soak difficult stains out of multiple clothes items. 

Purchase reusable containers and label contents 

Most people have a specific set of detergents, disinfectants, dryer sheets, and softeners they use when washing their clothes to ensure their garments come out fresh and clean after each wash. However, generic containers and tubs can create unsightly clutter in your laundry room, with each brand carrying varying sizes and shapes that can be challenging to organize. 

Thankfully, you can bypass disorder by transferring your favorite products into sleek, cohesive containers, labeling them for easy access. Options range from basic plastic containers to glossy glass vessels for a more elegant look. Regardless of which route you take, you’ll love how organized and well-kept your laundry products look in their new homes. 

Utilize the space behind your door

A seemingly obvious way to upgrade your laundry room is utilizing nooks and crannies for lesser-used items, tucking them out of the way. For example, you can store tools like mops, brooms, step stools, and ironing boards behind your door to ensure easy access without items getting in the way. Simply purchase a slender rack or hanging unit to slide away difficult-to-store cleaning accessories. 

Wrapping up

If your laundry room is looking worse for wear, consider revamping your space with functional features mixed with carefully curated designs. That way, you might enjoy your designated washing days instead of dreading them each week.