What is Shaggy’s Real Name, Who is His Wife Rebecca Packer And What Are His Biggest Songs?

Rebecca Packer

Shaggy is a well-known Jamaican singer and DJ. His real name is Orville Richard Burrell. He became famous because of his hit songs like “It Wasn’t Me”, “Boombastic”, and “In The Summertime”. Moreover, he got nominated for the Grammy seven times. In 2007 he received the Jamaican Order of Distinction and got the rank of a commander. His wife’s name is Rebecca Packer whom he married in 2014 at Goldeneye in Oracabessa, Jamaica. He also has children with his wife but the family is very low key about their life. Shaggy’s age is fifty-two. You can find all the details about Shaggy here and also about his family.

What do we know about Shaggy? 

The birth date of Shaggy is October 22, 1968, and his birthplace is Kingston, Jamaica. In 1987 he went to singing classes and developed his talents. Then he also sang in the streets with his friends. In 1998 he joined the United States Marine Corps and got MOS of 0811. Moreover, he was able to perfect his singing voice while serving in the marines.

✔ Quick Bio-Wikis

✔ Real Name Orville Richard Burrell
✔ Birthday 22th October 1968
✔ Birthplace Kingston, Jamaica
✔ Zodiac Sign Libra
✔ Nationality American
✔ Height 5′ 10¾” (1.8 m)
✔ Profession Jamaican reggae musician, singer, DJ, and actor
✔ Parents Megan Fox(Mother) Brian Austin Green (father)
✔ Children Robb Banks, Sydney Burrell
Spouse Rebecca Packer (m. 2014)
Marital Status Married
✔ Age 52 Year Old
✔ Net Worth $15 Million

How did Shaggy meet his wife Rebecca Packer? 

There is not much information about Rebecca packer on the internet. But everybody knows how Shaggy adores his wife. They know each other for two decades and married for six years. He shared in an interview that he wedded an Irish catholic girl for a long run. Also, the secret of their marriage is that they overlook the flaws and are enjoying their life together. In July they celebrated their sixth anniversary. On that day Shaggy shared his happiness through an Instagram post. He wished a happy anniversary to his wife, his best friend, partner in crime and the love of his life. Also, he called her a great girl.

What is Rebecca Packer’s profession? 

Rebecca Packer is working as an art director. She looks after the children and also is focusing on her profession. However, she is private in her social media. Some of the information we know about Rebecca has come from her husband. He revealed in an interview that his wife is very opinionated. This keeps their marriage interesting. He loves her because of her opinions. They like to argue about a topic until it smoothens down. Furthermore, he also had shared that he always gets impressed by his wife’s abilities. Their love for each other has not dulled but is growing every day.

How many children does the couple have? 

Shaggy and his wife Rebecca have three daughters. The name of his eldest daughter in Sydney and she is thirteen years old. Also, they have twin daughters named Madison and Kelsey. From his older relationship, he has two sons who are also part of the family. One of his sons is Richard Burrell also known as Robb Banks who is a rapper. He received recognition during the 2012 Raider Klan movement. The rapper’s debut mixtape is Calendars. His age is twenty-four now. Also, his mother’s name is Carol Johnson.

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Shaggy has shared with his fans that his twin daughters have a great sense of humour and always make him laugh. They are mischievous and very entertaining according to him. That is why he likes to be around them. However one of the biggest fears in the singer’s life is something bad happening to his family.

What is the networth of Shaggy? 

According to the sources Shaggy’s net worth is $14 million. He owns many properties in Jamaica. His house is a traditional style building with large windows and many rooms. Moroever, he bought a house in Miami which is simply styled.

Interesting facts about Shaggy

  • The singer loves Bob Marley
  • Shaggy considered his grandmother as his hero while growing up.
  • His unforgettable moments of childhood were going to Sunday school and church with his grandmother.
  • He would have become a teacher if he had not become a singer.
  • One of the great moments of his life is meeting James Brown.
  • He likes to eat Tootie-fruity with his daughters.
  • Some of his favourite albums are Kay by Bob Marley and Chronic by Dr Dre.
  • He has a great sense of humour.


This is the information we have gathered about singer Shaggy. He has contributed lots of amazing albums to the world. That is why many enjoy his work.

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