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WW2 US Paratrooper Helmet

The American Airborne of World War II was one of the bravest infantries in the entire war. This has made their item highly sought after by many collectors of historical military memorabilia. If you are in the market for a great WW2 US Paratrooper Helmet , then sites like should be bookmarked on your computer.

The Second World War was one of the biggest and most impactful wars in recent human history. Much like the name suggests, most of the entire world took part in the fighting that occurred from 1939-1945. It pitted the Allied forces led by the United States, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom against the evil Powers of Axis, which was made up of Germany, Italy and the Empire of Japan. In the end, the Allied side was able to stop the spread of tyranny and force the Axis Powers to surrender. Even today, we can still feel the impact of the war on our society and see how it shaped the world for generations. We still honor and celebrate the heroes who rose up to fight against a major threat to the world and willingly sacrificed everything in the name of the greater good.

There were many brave men who represented the United States during the Second World War, choosing to enlist in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Marines. One military division that featured some especially brave soldiers was the American Airborne, a select group who were assigned to parachute jump and land behind enemy lines. A WW2 US Paratrooper helmet was similar to the M1 helmets that were used by the U.S. Army and Marines but came with modified liner and chin straps that helped prevent any separation during a jump. These helmets were referred to as the M2 and M1C. The M2 helmet was actually the most commonly used helmet during D-Day, where many valiant paratroopers took a leap of faith to try and gain a tactical advantage on the German forces stationed on the beaches of Normandy.

These helmets, as well as other pieces of clothing and equipment used by the Airborne troops of this time, make for popular additions to one’s personal collection of historical artifacts. Many collectors desire to own authentic pieces that may have been used in battle. For the collector who loves a good deal and does not mind sacrificing authenticity for a reproduction that is nearly identical, then there are plenty of reproduction pieces available that will allow you to improve your personal collection at a fraction of the price. Now here is the best news of all for you, the shopper: all of these items, whether authentic or reproduced, can be found easily when you shop with At the Front.

For 25 years, At the Front has collected and recreated many of the most popular collection items for fans of World War II history. When it comes to their WW2 US Paratrooper helmet collection, they offer buyers their choice between three levels: Reproduction, Postwar Parts, and WWII Parts. From the outside, all three look identical; however, the reproductions all have new shells and liners and are significantly cheaper than their counterparts. The Postwar and WWII Parts are made with genuine U.S. military surplus shells and liners, with the only difference between the two being found in the liner each uses.

On, you can find multiple styles that will fit into your budget while still adding an impressive new piece to your growing collection of World War II military equipment. Visit the site now to find the perfect helmet for you that will best exemplify your love and admiration for World War II paratroopers.

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