Janet Jackson Donor Eggs: The Pop Singer Giving Birth At The Age Of 50 Sparks Rumours

Janet Jackson Donor Eggs

A rumour about Janet Jackson donor eggs is a trendy topic on the internet these days. As many believe that pregnancy at the age of 50 is a miracle many assume that her pregnancy is through donor eggs. Janet Jackson does not reveal details about her pregnancy. Still, the singer says how grateful she is to have a son at the age of 50.

There is no doubt that Janet Jackson is one of the inspiring pop singers of the decade. She is still a thriving artist with new albums and songs. It is not the first time that Jackson is part of a controversy. During a super bowl performance, she did not think twice to comment about double standards.

Once again the pregnancy announcement of the singer in 2017 becomes controversial. Many are curious to know details about her pregnancy at the age of 50. Let us see more about Janet Jackson donor eggs and why this rumour is spreading like wildfire.

Janet Jackson

Gift Of Motherhood At The Age Of 50 For Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson like any other woman thought that pregnancy at the age of 50 is almost impossible. When marrying businessman Wissam Al Mana she was in a position to conceive naturally. There is no account of the singer getting any treatment for this. Also, she did not try to confirm how her son Eissa was born at the age of 50.

The delivery was smooth and stress-free for her. However, tabloids did not remain silent but they spread various theories about it. Janet Jackson donor eggs are the cause of her pregnancy is another rumour in the media.

Still, Janet did not try to clear the air. She is a happy mother who is more concerned about taking care of her newborn. Janet comments that her son is a gift from god. Also, she feels beautiful whenever she looks at her son and praises god for giving her a child at this age.

Janet Jackson Praises Her Trainer For Helping Her Adapt To Pregnancy 

Janet Jackson had to maintain her health to give birth to a son at that age. The pop singer praises her trainer for helping her in this journey. She gives all the credit to the trainer as her infant is healthy and active. Without the trainer’s help, the delivery would not have been smooth. Further, Jackson is a teen fame who always had media attention. Due to this, she has faced body image issues several times. Growing up there are times when Jackson felt conscious about her figure.

Even during pregnancy, she did stress about how her body would change. Still, all that matters to her now is her son. She is over the board to spend time with her little one. After the birth of Eissa, Janet separates from her husband due to unknown reasons. As a single mother, she is working hard to find a balance between work and family.

Janet says that in showbiz there are quite a lot of things to stress you every day. Still, seeing her son at the end of the day makes her forget all the problems. Further, she adds that”Love is limitless, night after night holding her baby in the arms Iam at peace, Iam blessed and at bliss.” Now take a look at how few tabloids made her pregnancy seem like a mystery.

The Rumours And Swirling Mystery About Janet Jackson’s Pregnancy 

Janet Jackson experiences a lot of happiness in her life with the arrival of a newborn. On the other hand, several rumours speak about the mystery of her pregnancy. All these baseless rumours were also discussed in a few tabloids. Several doctors and experts also discussed the singer getting pregnant at the age of 50. Ultimately, the key person involved in this story that is Janet Jackson herself does not comment anything on this matter.

The singer seeks privacy at this tender moment of her life. There are also a few rumours that create false hope for women having problems with getting pregnant. These swirling rumours are upsetting for many women as well as Janet Jackson. These rumours are having a negative influence on a woman who is having a hard time getting pregnant. Instead of encouraging realistic expectations of pregnancy, these rumours make people desperate. Also, many there are possibilities that Janet Jackson may have frozen her egg through IVF. It is an awareness that many women need today. Many other celebrities are following these same procedures to conceive without any difficulty.


The rumours about Janet Jackson’s donor eggs that helped her to get pregnant are just a theory. There are no comments from the pop singer about these rumours. Know what Janet Jackson says about welcoming her son Eissa at the age of 50.

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