7 Best WordPress Search Plugins to Replace Default Search

WordPress search plugins

People convert websites to WordPress themes to get a highly productive interface. However, not all the features of the platform are perfect. In this article, we are presenting a list of the best WordPress search plugins. These tools will help replace an ineffective default feature of the CMS. The default search function is inefficient and needs a lot of improvement. The default search does not look into custom post types and taxonomies. It also generates irrelevant and outdated results. This can harm the user experience of a website and affect its traffic. The feature can be replaced with search plugins which guarantee better performance. Following is a list of some top search plugins that WordPress users can install: 

Here is the list of 7 Best WordPress Search Plugins to Replace Default Search

1. SearchWP

A powerful plugin that can work in synchronization with other popular tools like Woo Commerce and Easy Digital Downloads is SearchWP. People do not need to input any code as the tool uses the existing native search forms and results’ template. The service allows website owners to define rules by excluding content or post type attributes from the results. They can use the plugin’s ranking system to customize how their results will be graded. The new search box will allow visitors to search the products, custom fields, short code outputs etc. The service gives access to search statistics to gain valuable insight into user behavior.  

2. Ajax Search

Website owners can create a highly customized search feature with the versatile Ajax Search plugin. It comes with four pre-built layouts and 100 templates for each one of them. It has vectorized, retina ready SVG icons which can be colored in a shade of the user’s choice. The tool supports a wide range of custom post types like portfolio items and e-commerce products besides posts and pages. Users get a highly responsive search field which will work perfectly on all devices. The plugin is fitted with a powerful autocomplete and keyword suggestions engine. It also has character support for all the popular languages of the world.

3. Relevanssi

Relevanssi is a flexible product that gives total control to website owners in defining search rules. The plugin can read and index PDF texts for searches. Website owners can install the tool to enable custom fields’ search on their interface. The product is compatible with all popular custom field plugins. It can also be used for searching on multiple subsites residing within the same network. It also helps in finding users by their names and profile descriptions. The product has the ability to expand shortcodes and look for content generated by them. This freemium product is very popular among WordPress users. 

4. WP Solr

WP Solr is one of the best WordPress search plugins promising lifetime updates to its subscribers. The product is especially popular among e-commerce, media, and education website owners. It allows online stores to define as many product filters like category, price, size etc. as they want to. The product has multiple customization options and can be easily synchronized with the website’s appearance. A useful feature of this plugin is that it is SEO-friendly. This means that search engines will crawl search results without penalizing the website for duplicate content. 

5. Swiftype Search

A robust solution to replace the default search feature is the Swiftype Search plugin.  It has a fast autocomplete feature along with a spellchecking tool. This helps in conducting the searches efficiently and improving the user experience of the website. Owners enjoy total control over the functionality with its drag and drop dashboard. They can modify results in real-time to showcase the most relevant content. The service also provides analytics which helps users in making informed marketing and content decisions. Subscribers have total control over the search algorithm to ensure only relevant results are shown.

6. Ivory Search

Ivory Search is an advanced search solution for all kinds of WordPress users. They can exercise full control over search results display with the tool. Users can select the number of posts to be shown in search results. They can also highlight the searched terms. The product can be used to search not only text but also media, attachments, and files. Users have the option to align results in ascending or descending order of title, name, date, type, relevance etc. They can also choose to display sticky posts at the beginning of the results page.   

7. FacetWP

An efficient product that claims to eliminate the “no results found” message from WordPress websites is FacetWP. The plugin uses a faceted search feature to dynamically modify user input and generate results. It comes with numerous user interface (UI) elements like checkboxes and sliders which help in customization. It has an in-built layout builder which lets users create grid listings from the WordPress dashboard. The tool supports all major plugins like WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, and Beaver Builder.


These are some of the best WordPress search plugins which can be used to replace the under-performing default search. These tools will enhance the search functionality and improve the overall user experience of WordPress websites.

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