Sasha Hemsworth: Chris Hemsworth Shared Many Adorable Photos Of His Son

The father and children bond
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Fans of Chris Hemsworth know that Sasha Hemsworth is his son. He has a twin sibling known as Tristan. Chris has two other children apart from Sasha. The Thor star loves all of them immensely. The father-son bond visible in this case with Sasha Hemsworth is something worth cherishing. Hence if you are a fan of Chris Hemsworth, then you are in the right place. 

We will here explore the dynamics of Chris’ relations with his children. Thus if it intrigues you, go on to read this with precision.

The father and children bond
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The father and children bond


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Many people around the world want to know more about Sasha Hemsworth Thor love and thunder. We all love superheroes. Hence this gives Marvel movies so much popularity. Sasha Hemsworth and his siblings have their superhero in their dad Chris. 

We find the presence of India Rose, a sibling of Sasha Hemsworth love and thunder movie as well. This makes us so happy! 

Overall the bond that Chris and his children share is something ethereal. Their bond is something worth cherishing.

Recently Chris shared pictures of his eldest daughter. Netizens got all mushy about it.

“Here’s two pics of me and my daughter,” Hemsworth wrote in the caption of the post he gave on Instagram. “One was the first time she was on set 11 years ago, the other is the most recent on Thor: Love and Thunder.” 

“She’s my favourite superhero,” Hemsworth added. 

Hence this shows how much Chris loves his children. There is something inherently fatherly about Chris. Thus his fans must be overjoyed to see this side of him. We sure are very happy to witness this.

Sets apart

What makes India Sasha Hemsworth unique is that their father has a sincere love for them. This is rare among celebrities. He recently showed how his daughter grew up in two different Thor movies.

Interestingly we find the sibling of Sasha Hemsworth in love and thunder. Her name is India Rose. We find her acting in this movie to be brilliant. She played the role of the daughter of Gorr the God Butcher. 

Sets apart
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Who are the children of Chris Hemsworth?

Hemsworth shares three children at large. He has them with his wife who is also an actor. She is model a model as well. Her name is Elsa Pataky. Their children are India Rose, 10, and twin boys Tristan and Sasha, 8. From sources at IMDb, we find that both the boys also appear in the film. They are credited as Young Thor (Tristan) and Asgardian Kid (Sasha).

Interestingly the story doesn’t end here. We also find the children of Hemsworth’s costars Natalie Portman, Taika Waititi, and Christian Bale all had their own cameos. They played the role of Asgardian kids.

Many people might label this as nepotism. But we sure loved this. The kids exhibited brilliant performances. Hence they deserve our adoration.


1. Are Sasha and Tristan Hemsworth twins?

Yes, they both are adorable twins. Chris Hemsworth is their father. Both of them were born in the year 2014. Thus they are very small in age currently.

2. Are Sasha and Tristan Hemsworth identical twins?

Both of them are twins of Chris Hemsworth. But they are not exactly identical twins to reckon with. Many people tend to wonder about this after seeing their looks.

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