Bose Soundlink – Ways To The Connect Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Bose Soundlink
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In the world of Bluetooth speakers, Bose Soundlink is a great inclusion. In fact, we know that Bose has a reputation for producing beast speakers that will blow our minds off.  However, in various reviews available on the internet, these speakers have received great praise for their sound quality. If you test these speakers, you would also give them a nice certificate. Therefore, in such a scenario, the demand for these speakers has started to rise significantly. Moreover, most of these speakers are very portable, thus making them even more attractive to users.

However, there is a certain issue with Bluetooth speakers. This problem is not with the devices. Rather, is the problem with the users. The problem that I am talking about is a technical one, precisely about the way of connecting the speakers. Now, you might suggest that connecting a Bluetooth device is not a big deal for you. However, there are numerous people, who are not that well-versed in technology. Therefore, for them, connecting and disconnecting the speakers might become a great issue. Therefore, if you wish to know more about the ways to connect this Bose Bluetooth Speaker, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know about all the ways in which you can connect with these speakers. 

How To Pair Soundlink Speakers To Your Phone?

Soundlink Speakers To Your Phone
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Since this is a Bluetooth speaker, first you need to ensure that your phone supports Bluetooth connectivity. If it does, then turn the speaker on. Then turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone. After both devices are ready, press and hold the Bluetooth switch that you will find on the speaker. Doing this will make the speaker discoverable to other devices. Now, you will have to open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone. There, from the list of available devices, you will find the name of the speaker. 

As you locate the speaker, press on the icon. Mostly, your phone will ask you for a number. That number or code is 0000. After doing that, your device will get connected. The completion of the action will be indicated by the indicator on the speaker that will stop blinking. After you connect the speaker once in this way, every time, you switch the device on, it will get connected to your phone automatically. 

Connecting Two Speakers 

Connecting Two Speakers 
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Well, that is also possible with the Soundlink speakers. But for that, you need to download the “Bose Connect” application first. After you download the application, connect one speaker to your smartphone in the way that is mentioned earlier. After that locate the “Party Mode” option on the app and click on it. Then click on “continue” and within a few seconds, both speakers will get connected. You can also select the “ Stereo mode” on the app if you wish for that.

In order to use the “Party mode”, after connecting the speaker to your smartphone, start pressing the volume up key and the Bluetooth key at the same time. As the speaker lets you know that the second device can be connected, move to the second device and press those two buttons mentioned above. After you hear a sound, release the buttons. Your Part mode is one now. 

Concluding Lines

Now that you know how to connect the speakers, disconnecting is even more simple. To do that, you can either press the Bluetooth button on the speaker and hold it, till the device gets disconnected. In another option, pressing on to the power button also disconnects the devices. 

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