Robin Buckley: Played By X Reader Season 4, All Stranger Lover Must Know

Robin Buckley
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Robin Buckley is a fictional character from the TV show Stranger Things. Maya Hawke delineates the character with uncompromising aesthetic honesty and ease. Robin Buckley is first introduced in the third season. She is the main character that sews the book together. The name of the text is Stranger Things: Rebel Robin. She works with Steve Harrington and is the best friend of Steve.

In the summer of 1985, Robin started working at the newly-built Starcourt Mall’s ice cream parlor, Scoops Ahoy, along with her former classmate, Steve Harrington. Robin often made Steve the centre of many jokes due to his fleeting popularity and inability to attract any female customers. 

When Steve and his friend Dustin Henderson tried to decode an intercepted Russian code, Robin helped them through her knowledge of many languages. She discovered that the Russians were using the mall’s food chains and businesses to smuggle supplies into Hawkins. Finally, the three figured out that the Soviets had carried out an intricate and elaborate scheme. In fact, Starcourt Mall was merely a front to hide the construction of an underground Soviet base. 

With the help of Erica Sinclair, the group snuck into the base, where they found out that the Soviets had developed a means to travel to another dimension. However, Steve and Robin were eventually caught and taken hostage. Later, Dustin and Erica rescued them. Upon their return to the surface, Robin got engaged with the fight against Mind Flayer and the possessed Billy Hargrove. However, after three months we see Robin and Steve getting jobs at the local Family Video. 

Robin Buckley X Reader
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By the spring of 1986, Robin was still patiently tolerating Steve’s rants about his complicated love life. In fact, during this time we see Robin harboring a massive crush on Vickie, a fellow member of her school marching band. However, more pressing concerns would draw her attention. Indeed, a new evil has terrorized Hawkins. 

While examining the new threat to Hawkins, Vecna, Robin developed a friendship with Nancy Wheeler. Her heart broke when she found out that Vickie already had a boyfriend. In spite of her agonies, Robin joined her friends and assisted them to kill Vecna in the Upside Down. However, they failed to carry out the plan as they could not prevent four gates from opening and resulting in an earthquake which devastated a portion of Hawkins. 

In fact, two days later, Robin volunteered to help survivors where she met with Vickie. Robin learnt about Vickie’s recent break up with her boyfriend. Both started to enmesh themselves in a bond before witnessing particles from the Upside Down beginning to fall down into Hawkins. 

Robin Buckley X Reader

Robin Buckley X Reader
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The readers and the audiences highly admire the charismatic and dynamic character of Robin Buckley Stranger Things. Robin is termed as an alternative girl. Compared to Steve, Robin is more grounded in reality and is ruthlessly honest. She does not fret about how her actions will unsettle her image. In fact, according to her she doesn’t even have an image in the first place. In a moment of vulnerability, she tells Steve that in spite of her cynicism she actually wants to be accepted for who she really is. Thus, Robin Buckley emits an element of universal human desire and is a favourite of readers. 

Robin is also gifted when it comes to music, soccer, and fluency in multiple languages. Another trait of her that reveals itself gradually is her compassion for the ones close to her. She is a strong character with an intense vulnerable side. After Steve admits that he likes her, Robin eventually confesses her true sexuality. 

Robin is a subversive character in that she debunks traditional gender norms. The clothes she wears have a masculine edge to them. However, under certain circumstances, we see Robin in more feminine attire. One must note that her feminine apparels are entirely borrowed from Nancy. We see Robin in a more feminine dress when she joins Nancy to Pennhurst Mental Hospital to question Creel so that she and her friends can prevent Vecna and his killing spree. Thus, Robin is realistic and understands the demands of the situation. 

Robin Buckley played by

Actress Maya Thurman Hawke portrays the character of Robin Buckley with honesty, sincerity, and effortlessness. In fact, we learn from the reports that Maya Hawke assisted in designing pieces of Robin’s outfits. In the third season, Maya Hawke herself drew doodles on Robin’s red Converse sneakers. In the next season, Maya Hawke herself handpicked the patches on Robin’s wrangler jacket. 

Robin Buckley played by
Robin Buckley: Played By X Reader Season 4

Robin Buckley Season 4

Audiences first witnessed Robin in season 4 as she went on to chaotically speak about the romance in her life, and it immediately appeared as if she had become far less level-headed. This chaos never really came to a rest, leading many to criticize the character’s sudden and abrupt change. In season 4 we see Robin working at the Scoops Ahoy in the Starcourt Mall. 


  1. How old is Robin Buckley ?

Robin is 18-year-old in season 4. 

2. How tall is Robin Buckley ?

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall. 

3. When was Robin Buckley born ? 

Robin was born on 10th March, 1968.

4. When is Robin Buckley birthday ? 

Her birthday is on 10th March. 

5. What is Robin Buckley sexuality ?

Robin is an alternative girl. She is a lesbian. She is the first LGBTQ+ character on the show.

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