Jean Muggli – Bio, Net Worth 2020, Michael Strahan Ex Wife & Facts

Jean Muggli
Jean Muggli is the ex-wife of Michael Strahan, a former American professional defensive football player. Strahan spent 15 years of his career with the National Football League's New York Giants. The duo separated in 2006.

To start with, Jean Muggli is the ex-wife of a former football player, Michael Strahan. She is popular for her past life with celebrity Michael. Her involvement with Micheal gave her the most attention and popularity. 

Read through the article to know about Jean. Find the answers to the four questions about Jean in this article.

Who is Jean Muggli? How many children does Jean have? What happens to Jean after divorce? What is her Net Worth?

Quick Summary of Jean Muggli

As already mentioned, Jean is the ex-wife of American celebrity spouse Jean Muggli. She is leading a successful professional life now. She has grabbed the attention of the people with her post-marital life. 

Born: 3 November 1965
Age: 55 Years
Spouse: Michael Strahan (m. 1999–2006)
Children: Sophia Strahan, Isabella Strahan
Siblings: Denise Muggli
Height: 5 feet 5 inches

This is the reason why people are asking about Jean’s facts much. Read the latter part of the article to get information about the personal and professional life of Jean.

Quick Facts About Jean Muggli

  • The Early Life of Jean Muggli

Jean Muggli was born in the year 1965. She was born to an American parent. Her father’s name is Anthony Alphonse Muggli and her mother’s name is Marry Muggli.

She has three brothers David, Scott, and Timmy. She has two sisters CarolLee, and Denise. Jean grew up with her siblings in Queens Borough, New York. Jean’s ethnicity is white, and her nationality is American.

  • Education Life of Jean Muggli 

Jean completed her schooling for some days in elementary school and the remaining in high school in New York. There is no information regarding the names of those schools. 

  • Personal Life of Jean Muggli

Michael met Jean at a salon where she was working as a cosmetic store manager. The couple fell in love at the first meet. Michael visits the salon frequently to see Jean. Muggli never has an interest to date an athlete. 

After realizing that Michael is not a kind of athlete, Muggli dated him. The couple dated for several years ahead of marriage. On July 18, 1999, the couple tied a knot with their family members and close friends. There is no information regarding the marriage venue. 

This was Jean’s first wedding and this is not the same with Michael. Michael already married and divorced Wanda Hutchins. From their first marriage, he has two children. 

In 2004, Jean delivered her twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella. The couple was leading a peaceful life. The sudden origin of a problem between them results in a divorce.

What is the reason behind Jean’s divorce?

According to the report, Michael has abused and attacked Jean Muggli in the worst way. It led to damaging Jean’s kidney and making her vomit with blood. She filed for divorce to stay away from problems.

Jean accused Michael of having extramarital affairs. A shocking allegation about Michael is placing a camera in the bedroom of Jean’s sister. Michael denied all of Jean’s accusations. 

According to Michael, Jean was spending $3.3 million amount without his knowledge. The problem went worst and ugly, leading to divorce. The couple got the divorce on July 20, 2006.

What happens to Jean after divorce?

The divorce became sensational news, as it involves a huge amount of money. Jean and Michael’s divorce is one of the expensive divorces in the sports industry. 

The court ordered Michael to pay $15 million as a settlement to Jean. To take care of their daughters, Michael has to $18,000 per month. Jean got half of the amount from Michael’s mansion. The value of his mansion is $3.85 million.

Jean demanded more for her daughters. Her daughters need $22,500 for photoshoots and $27,000 for clothing. Michael has a huge net worth, and it is not a big deal for him to pay the demanded amount.

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Most of Jean’s current information is unavailable. Jean moved to North Dakota after divorce. Jean attends a few social events, as she spends most of her time for daughters. She is not active on any social medial platform.

Michael started his new relationship with a new woman. Jean knows all about Michael and maintains a good relationship with her daughters. Michael describes Jean as a best friend and she is always a member of his family.

What about Jean’s Body Measurements?

Jean’s height is 5 feet 7 inches and weight is 59 Kg. Her age is 55 years as of 2020. She has a blonde hairstyle with brown eyes. Her body measurements are not available. 

What is Jean Muggli Net Worth?

Jean was working as a cosmetic store manager. From her profession, she saves a good sum of money. The complete professional life of Jean is not available. 

Jean Muggli got a huge settlement amount from her divorce. Her net worth is around $15 million as of 2020. 

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, Jean is a normal woman leading a peaceful life with daughters. She is not active on social networking sites. There is no update on her current activities. Jean is staying busy, as she is focusing on her daughters’ career. One can get less information about Jean online.

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