Carol J. Woliung (Pete Rose’s Ex-wife) Age, Wiki, Family and Facts

Carol J. Woliung

In the first place Carol J. Woliung hit the news because of her husband. Carol Woliung is the former wife of a baseball player. Her husband Pete Rose is a baseball player in the United States of America. The popularity of Pete Rose hit the media and his former wife was with him. But despite Pete Rose being a celebrity, Carol remains private.

Read through the article to know more about Carol and baseball players. The article will include information on the early life of the couple, their age, career, and children.

Who is Carol J. Woliung?

As mentioned before she is the former wife of baseball player Pete Rose. Baseball is a popular sport in the United States of America. Pete Rose is a legendary baseball player in the United States of America. In fact, his success as baseball player hit the news frequently.

Carol being the wife of Pete Rose was also famous in the media. Her former husband Pete Rose is none another than best baseball players in USA. He has the nickname Charlie Hustle. Pete has won many awards and reorganization for his performance in Baseball.

More details on the career and professional life of Pete Rose are included in the next part of the article.

When was Carol J Woliung born?

 In the first place, the exact date of birth of Carol is not available. But it is familiar that she was born in 1940. Taking 1940 as a starting her current age estimation is 60 -70 years. Apart from her year of birth, there is no other information available.

In addition to her year of birth information, Carol J Woliung ethnicity and nationality are available. Her ethnicity is white, and she is American by nationality. Furthermore, Carol is the mother of two children with Pete Rose as the father.

Continue to read to know more about the children of Pete Rose and Carol J. Woliung.

Who is Pete Rose?

Pete Rose is a professional baseball player in the United States of America. He is very famous in America as a baseball legend. Even more, there is hardly any baseball fan who doesn’t know Pete Rose. The birth of Pete Rose Pete was born on 14th April 1941. His birthplace is Cincinnati in Ohio, USA. Further, Pete was one of the four children of Harry Francis and LaVerna Rose.

At a very young age, Pete was happy playing sports. Both his parents encouraged Pete to pursue sports. Pete for his basic schooling went to Western Hill High School. At the school, Pete played baseball and football. Even when Pete was small for his age he played sports. Rejection is not new to Pete Rose. He faced it from the early days of playing sports.

But with the help of his father and his dedication, he was able to succeed in baseball. In fact, he played as a catcher, second base, and shortstop.

When did the marriage of Carol and Pete take place?

The marriage ceremony of Pete Rose and Carol J Woliung took place in the year 1984. Carol is the second wife of Pete Rose. Earlier to marrying Carol, he was in a relationship with Karolyn Englehardt. Furthermore, Pete left Karolyn in 1980, four years before marrying Carol J. Woliung.

The baseball player Pete and Carol’s wedding was an amazing one. It was a beautiful ceremony with friends and family. Post marriage, the couple led a happy life for almost two decades. Pete Rose and Carol were together for twenty-six years before divorcing. The couple has two children together, one daughter and one son.

The article will include more information on the children of the couple in the latter part of the article.

How many children does Pete Rose have with Carol J Woliung?

The couple Pete and Carol was in marriage for twenty-six years. In this duration, they gave birth to two beautiful children. Pete has a son and a daughter with Carol. Carol and Pete Rose’s son is Tyler Rose and, their daughter is Cara Rose.

Similar to his mother Carol, Tyler is a private person. There is no much information on Tyler like his mother. But on the other hand, Cara is popular. Cara similar to her father made a name in the entertainment industry.

Who is Cara Rose?

Cara is the daughter of the famous baseball player Pete and Caro J. Woliung. Now, she goes by Chea Courtney. Her date of birth is 22 August 1989. She was born in Cincinnati in Ohio, United States of America. Chea unlike her mother is a public figure. Her decision to follow into the path of the entertainment industry is a successful one.

Chea Courtney is an actress and producer in the United States of America. She is famous for her roles in Melrose Palace, Passion, and Profiler. In the beginning stage of her career, she did modeling assignments. Currently, the actor is 31 years old.

Her parents were together during her childhood. Tough her parents are living separately now she is close to them.

Why did Carol J. Woliung and Pete Rose break-up?

Carol and Pete were in a cordial relationship. They were together for nearly two decades. During their wedding, the couple was immensely in love with one another. Pete has two children with Carol, who were born before his banishment from MLB. But as the things between the two started getting bad they filed for separation.

In the year 2011, the couple divorcing procedure finalized. The divorce petition included the main reason for their separation was irreconcilable differences. Even more, the spilt of the couple was a big surprise for some fans. Apart from the before-mentioned reason the application did not include any other reasons.

Who is Pete Rose with after divorcing Carol?

As per the latest news, Pete is in a relationship with Kiana Kim currently. Actually, there is a huge age difference between the couple. Post divorcing Carol J Woliung, Pete is openly in a relationship with Carol. The couple Pete Rose and Kiana Kim got engagement took place in 2011.

Post the couple’s engagement they are making public appearances. Kiana Kim is from Seoul, Korea. At the age of five years, she moved to LA. Later on, in the USA, Kiana went to Arizona State University. After completing graduation Kiana started working as a flight attendant. She is also a real estate agent and model in the USA.

The story of Pete and Kiana meeting is a crazy one. Yet, she and her finance remain close in spite of age difference and cultural upbringing. In addition to this, Kiana was in marriage before meeting Pete Rose. Further, she has two children from a previous marriage.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Carol J. Woliung and Pete Rose are husband and wife. Carol is the second wife of Pete Rose. They were in a relationship as husband and wife for twenty-six years long. Even more, they have two children together. Their daughter Cara Rose is an actress and producer. But their son Tyler is a private marriage.

In the year 2011, the divorce of Pete Rose and Carol J Woliung was complete. Currently, Pete is in a relationship with Kiana Kim.

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