The Disheartening Death Of Big Scarr: Confirmation Of The Tragedy And Several Tributes That Follow

Big Scarr

The death of Big Scarr at the tender age of 22 is shocking. The whole rapper community as well as the wide artistic community is in mourning. What is shocking to many is that he passed away in the prime of his youth.

It has to be noted that Big Scarr death details have not been released yet but preliminary investigation reveals a drug overdose. We got confirming news from Gucci Mane, a fellow rapper. He uploaded some pictures on Instagram confirming his death. He captioned it “This hurt I’m a miss you @bigscarr”. 

What is interesting about these pictures is that they explore the fun side of Big scar. He is shown as a human who just likes to enjoy life. He was performing in Las Vegas in the pictures. It was a poolside party to reckon with. 

Let us discuss a bit about the life of Big Scarr before going on to present Big Scarr dead tributes.

Who is Big Scarr?

The real name of Big Scarr is Alexander Woods. He never used his real name on the stage. He belonged to the Memphis region. 

From a very young age, he has gained significant recognition. It is mainly because of the sheer amount of talent he has. He was signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records at large.

“SoIcyBoyz” is by far his best-known track. Many of his fans primarily know him for this track only. There we can find Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, and Tay Keith.

The very first mixtape “Big Grim Reaper” was released in 2021. It gave him considerable recognition at large.

Initial life

He grew up in a large family. He has about 8 siblings. Hence there was always a strong community sense within him. The values of his family led him toward success. 

His grandmother mainly raised him. The formative years of his life were spent under her tutelage. Hence it is evident that he loved her. Unfortunately, she was no more when he was 13. After that, there has been an emotional gap in this life. 

Origin of his stage name

What many of his fans do not know is that their favorite rap star went through an accident. Hence this might be interesting for them. This was a car accident to reckon with. It was a shocking experience for him but it also led him to discover his stage name.

You might wonder why it is so. Well, it is simply because of the scar he got in the accident. It inspired him to come up with this name for his stage endeavors. 

Accidental career

Big Scarr had recently revealed that he never had much of an interest in music. However, the influence of Kodak Black and Boozie Badazz led him to his career. He could not ignore music anymore. Thus eventually it became his passion to reckon with.

Alexander Woods

How others are mourning?

Scarr’s labelmate posted on Instagram that “Ion wanna talk. Sorry if I don’t answer. I just can’t,” Big 30 was another rapper who mourned the death of Big Scarr. Hence many rappers are still in shock.


We can conclude in the words of Big Scarr himself,

 “When I dropped my first video. Actually, when I first did my first song, I saw I could do this. It was never a thing I wanted to do. I just tried the sh*t one time and it went. Just like my partner was saying, you ever had some sh*t going and you never paid attention to the other sh*t you were doing because this shit was bringing you in so much good sh*t?”

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