PhotoMosh: All You Need to Know Alternatives Sites & Apps

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In today’s world, we hardly can function without social media. And social media is all about posts- pictures, vlogs, videos and memes. Hence, it is needless to say, editing photos and videos. Once the work of professionals is now child’s play. Photomosh is one such application that makes editing photos and videos like a professional easy and effective.


Glitch art is becoming exceedingly popular nowadays. It is an effective means of enhancing the visual intensity of your pictures or videos. Photomash is a perfect application where you can create professional quality glitch art easily. In Photomosh, you will be able to apply glitch backgrounds to your pictures, making them stand out. Moreover, you may add pictures and create vaporwave art, including a short video. The application has a database of as many as 27 glitch effects that prepares you to apply for photos and videos. To glitch photos, videos, as well as webcams Photomosh uses WebGL effects. The overall output saves in formats such as GIF and JPG of WEBM.



The website is where you can make your glitch images. The drag-and-drop capability of the platform smoothens the process of inserting new picture files into the browser. The FX(special effects can either be randomized by clicking on the mosh button. Manually changes with the help of the control panel provided. After this, you can save the file(s) in the output format of your choice to store. For downloading, the file simply click on the save button. Henceforth, you can upload the picture by using the images to a glitch in the shade you like. The one specific requirement to carry out this process is, however, a device with WebGL capability. As icing on the cake, it is a free platform with absolutely nothing saved online!


Photomosh is an application that arrives to edit as well as apply visual effects on images and videos. There are several advantages you can find while using it. To begin with, Photomosh furnishes you with simple methods of editing your photos and videos. It gives you a broad range of glitch effects to choose from and use according to your preferences. Moreover, the use of the Mosh button makes your job even easier in deriving special glitch effects. Hence, the application is user-friendly as well as effective and efficient. Last but not least, the ultimate output- the edited photos and videos appears as files. In the format of your choice (including WEBM) and remains in computers as well as hard discs.


Regardless of the various advantages of using the Photomosh, there are notably a couple of disadvantages that you may find. The first drawback is that this application does not assure you of an output that is high in quality. In terms of resolution. The other drawback or shortcoming of this application is that you will be unable to save and share files online over here.

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As mentioned earlier, in the current world scenario, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on have almost become a primary source of entertainment. Communication and exposure in various fields and it is all about posts comprising notes, images and videos. Hence, Photomosh is a perfect application that can be used by us to create images and videos that garner recognition in the form of likes and shares. Video editing with the help of Photomosh arises even on YouTube. Moreover, television broadcasts can be visualized using the glitch effect provided by it and videos resembling those seen in video games can be created using this application. You may as well make a personalized animated logo or a stylish intro with the help of Photomosh.


The main catch in using  Photomash is the variety of glitch effects available for you to explore. A glitch explains as distortions or mistakes that occur in the output of images or videos, especially during times when only analogue techniques exist. The flaws of outdated technologies have somehow become trendy (in search of a more appropriate word) nowadays and hence, applications such as Photomosh have gained significance.

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