How Many People Does It Take on an App Development Team to Create a Successful Mobile Application?

App Development

Startups are turning overnight into billion-dollar companies, and that’s happening due to the great idea and innovative mobile apps. It’s worth noting that the Development Approach Determines The Size Of Your Mobile App Development Team. It’s not easy for a person simply to hold all the necessary knowledge and experience that guarantees the building and support of a complete product. This is the reason there is a need to hire professionals from a mobile applications development company to work on the development process.

People who would be involved in the process are as follows:

  • Mobile developer (full-time)
  • Backend developer (full-time)
  • Dev ops specialist (part-time)
  • Designer (part-time)
  • QA Specialist (part-time)

Also, hire the tech project manager to manage all these people in a mobile development team structure.

At the same time, note that if you want to move fast and build for both Android and iOS, add at least one more person. But if you want a speedier process, ensure that you add more people to the team- both android and ios developers. Ensure that you hire professionals who are experts in their field, reliable, and ready to invest dedication and experience into building a mobile app.

Team Management

When you’re going ahead with the development process, ensure that the Mobile App Development Team is Productive. Hire a product manager who will ensure the avoidance of making a fatal error resulting in total project failure. Creation of a successful mobile app needs from 4 to 10 people on the team. Allocating six developers, one Project Manager, and one Account Manager help launch and grow the app easily.

  • In-House

Hiring in-house is risky. In that case, hiring 5–10 people take you several months. Dealing with employment and other paperwork is painful.

  • Individual Contractors

Hiring individual contractors is risky and will prove that the project won‘t be scalable. They can easily leave you. It’s worth noting that there is value in IP ownership, teamwork, and other aspects.

  • Professional Dev Team

The professional dev team works as a blast. They offer the needed support as a team with already refined and set-in-stone processes and standards. Evaluate different teams and pick the best one.


If you are targeting a heavily-regulated industry like financial services or healthcare, pay extra attention to securing your app, as there is a need for following stringent data security regulations. There is a need to deploy a sufficient number of competent people to mitigate application security vulnerabilities and review your code to unearth any hidden security risks.

Building a high-quality mobile app is complex, and one person cannot do everything. If you need building a functional mobile app, ensure that you are hiring a professional team where every member of the development team has to do their part. Besides, there is a need to fully understand the objectives and goals. Only the proficient teams have the required knowledge regarding the Software Development Methodologies. You’ll need to choose from dozen development methods in use. Regardless of the methodology you use, it’s worth noting that every development project has to go through the following process: Requirements, Design, Engineering, Construction, Testing/Debugging, Deployment, and Maintenance.

Final words

Prepare extensively while you are hiring a team before you decide to invest. Make sure your product development is split into phases with the needed time to validate the market and core features before investing more into growth.

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