The Future Of Marketing: Trends In Automation

Marketing Automation

Improvements in technology and software have helped to improve almost every aspect of our daily lives. From smart home appliances, such as the Google Nest Hub or Amazon Alexa, to advancements in electric vehicles.

Marketing automation is innovating the marketing industry, pushing marketing capabilities well beyond what was commonplace just a few years ago. 

In this article, we take a look at what marketing automation is, how it is helping marketers and the latest automation trends .

Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation?

Simply put, marketing automation is the process of using software and technology to streamline marketing tasks. 

Automation helps to reduce the time and cost of labour-intensive tasks and to optimise marketing strategies for maximum conversions and ROI. 

If you need support getting your marketing automation in order, employ the services of a marketing automation agency who can help target your strategy effectively. 

The Future Of Marketing: Trends In Automation

How is automation improving marketing?

Marketing automation is helping to improve almost every aspect of a campaign and its strategy.

We look at a few ways automation is improving marketing today. 

Faster results

Through optimised and targeted automated campaigns, marketers can track and deliver results with greater speed and efficiency. 

Higher conversion rates

Through marketing automation tools, marketers can target specific consumer demographics. Therefore, increasing the relevancy of their marketing assets to the users they are shown too. 

Typically, this will result in higher conversion rates across key campaign touch points. Making both marketers and their clients happy.

Optimised processes

With more competition than ever, marketers and marketing departments are having their resources pushed to the limits. 

Marketing automation frees up marketers by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Enabling a deeper focus on strategic improvements to campaigns.

Tracking engagement

Knowing what your target audiences are and aren’t engaging with is vital for marketers. Automation helps to distil engagement metrics into manageable reports. 

Saving marketing teams time and ultimately improving campaign strategy and reducing marketing spend.

What automation trends are emerging?

Although marketing automation has been around for a while, improvements in technology and software are making new marketing capabilities accessible across the board. 

Below, we look at some of the latest marketing automation trends.

AI personalisation

As artificial intelligence (AI) has become more and more integrated with our daily lives, AI personalisation has grown within marketing automation. 

This helps marketers with targeting to the right consumers and to tailor their strategies accordingly. 

Advanced email marketing

Through advanced personalisation, segmenting and generating user-specific emails, marketing automation has helped drive greater engagement from email campaigns. 

Saving marketers time and money, as well as helping them to create detailed, targeted email marketing strategies. 

Paid marketing pivoting

Automation is now allowing marketers to pivot paid media messaging to better suit the users it is targeted to. 

This data-driven strategy helps marketing teams to make better use of their paid media spend and enjoy a higher ROI. 

Privacy improvements

Installing privacy provisions into marketing can be easily achieved through automation. 

As online privacy and data concerns are at the forefront of many users’ minds, this added benefit of marketing automation is finding traction and becoming a big trend. 

With more automation advancements hitting the market frequently, staying flexible and evolving your strategy to accommodate new tools could help you improve your marketing results and ROI.

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