Looking for the Best Chrome VPN Extensions?

Chrome VPN Extensions

VPN extensions for Chrome are very useful tools. They allow you to visit various blocked resources and hide your IP address. However, not all VPN extensions are created equal. As you will learn from tech experts, who provide IT support in Manhattan , some plugins are simply ineffective and aren’t as feature-loaded, especially if they are free. Therefore, you need to determine the best Google Chrome VPN extensions. To be fair, the Google online store is full of decent options. However, there are also certain plugins that you shouldn’t use.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Chrome VPN extensions out there. Redirecting traffic in some situations allows you to work normally on the Internet.


This is a completely free extension that works exclusively in automatic mode. The user only needs to install it from the Google store. Nothing else is required, even the settings.

This plugin is very favorable, as it uses its own proxy to redirect traffic and hide the user’s IP address. It is thanks to this that stable connections and high data transfer rates are obtained.

After installing the extension, an indicator will appear on the toolbar. It will be active only if the user tries to visit any blocked site. As for the rest of the time, the extension will not work.

This automatic blocking detection option works flawlessly. And, that’s the reason why most people use this plugin. After all, you can simply install it and know it’s working in the background.

Moreover, this plugin requires ridiculously little RAM.

Overview of Advantages:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Simple installation process
  • No configuration is required
  • Activated only when visiting blocked sites
  • Extremely stable connection
  • Relatively high data transfer rate
  • Proxies for redirecting traffic
  • A small RAM requirement

ZenMate VPN

The ZenMate VPN is not just an anonymizer; it is also a cool plugin for comprehensive user protection on a network.

This add-on includes mechanisms that completely block site telemetry. Thanks to this, the user can maintain complete incognito when visiting resources. For traffic redirection, servers located in Europe and the US are used.

However, the maximum speed and stability of the connection are guaranteed only in the paid version of the plugin. Also, to use this plugin, you need to register and sign in to an account. ZenMate also requires a lot of RAM to work. And, of course, don’t forget about the limitations of the free version, which may not provide you with all of your needs.

Nevertheless, the functionality of the free version is enough for most users.

Overview of Advantages:

  • Protection of user data on the network
  • Stable connection and high data transfer speed
  • High-quality traffic redirection
  • Extremely simple installation
  • Ability to hide the IP address
  • Servers for redirection in Europe and the US
  • A well-thought-out setup menu interface
  • Trouble-free operation in any conditions
  • Ability to apply settings manually

Hola VPN

This is a unique plugin that works like a torrent client. Traffic is redirected through the computers of users who also have this extension installed.

The key features of Hola are fast connection speed, stability, and efficiency. The add-on not only redirects traffic, but it also hides the user’s real IP address.

The plugin has quite a few parameters, though. Therefore, it is somewhat difficult to configure. Nonetheless, it requires very little RAM and works great even on relatively weak computers and laptops.

When installed by Hola VPN from the Google Store, the procedure is performed with a simple click of a button.

Overview of Advantages:

  • A unique traffic redirection algorithm
  • Principle of a torrent tracker
  • Provides a stable connection
  • High data transfer speed
  • Fast working capacity, even on old machines
  • A simple installation process
  • An option to manually adjust the parameters
  • A well-organized menu
  • Low memory consumption
  • Fast and high-quality traffic redirection

Browsec VPN

This is another anonymizer for Google Chrome that is very popular, because it redirects traffic efficiently and provides basic user protection on the Internet.

The free version, however, cannot guarantee stable connection, high data transfer speed, or security. This is due to the fact that there are only three servers working in this version. And, they experience unrealistic stress. Therefore, crashes and drops in speed are quite frequent. Also, it requires quite a lot of RAM to operate, so it is not suitable for owners of old or low-capacity computers.

You can easily install Browsec VPN using the Google Store, with a click of a button. The add-on can be configured manually only after installation using the corresponding button in the toolbar.

Overview of Advantages:

  • High-quality redirection of user traffic
  • Ability to quickly hide the IP address
  • Basic user protection on the network
  • Powerful redirection algorithms
  • Relatively high data transfer speed
  • A simple installation process
  • Option for manual configuration
  • A well-organized interface

VPN Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a very useful extension that will not only help you hide your IP address and bypass the blocking of a website—it also offers a variety of rich functionalities. It is deservedly considered one of the best. It is not for nothing that it is installed by millions of users around the world.

This excellent plugin completely cuts all attempts of sites to find out about your confidential data. To redirect traffic, it uses high-speed servers located in Europe and the US. At the same time, it also effectively hides your IP address and blocks the telemetry of sites of any sophistication.

However, it should be noted that the more advanced version of this VPN extension is paid. The free version has very limited functionality. But for hiding the IP-address, its capabilities are quite enough. Moreover, the extension works very quickly.

Hotspot Shield can also be configured manually, although beginners could get confused about the menu. Nevertheless, the plugin is highly popular and works great with other browsers. It just requires a lot of RAM.

Like other add-ons from the official Google Chrome Store, this app can be installed in just a couple of clicks. Everything happens automatically without user intervention. Before installing the add-on, it is checked.

Overview of Advantages:

  • High-speed servers for traffic redirection
  • Powerful encryption algorithms
  • Ability to block spyware mechanisms of sites
  • Stable connection, ensuring high data transfer speed
  • Option to be manually configured
  • High-quality features to hide IP address


NordVPN is one of the best VPN extensions that offer complete privacy and security across multiple devices. It has clients for popular social networks, router and OpenVPN configurations, and browser extensions. You can also install this add-on from the official Chrome store.

However, it is worth noting that you won’t be able to use the extension for free. After installation, you can either  log in or register. Registration means purchasing premium access. The only way to evaluate NordVPN for free is to download the app for Android or iOS. The mobile client has a 7-day trial period.

Overview of Advantages:

  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Servers in 59 countries on 5 continents, allowing you to bypass any geographic blocking
  • 256-bit traffic encryption
  • Built-in malware blocker and phishing attack protector
  • Option to disable the WebRTC protocol


During the short period of time that this software product was introduced on the market, it has proven itself to be excellent. It has a great selection of servers around the world, has a reliable connection, and has viable speed scores.

There is nothing complicated in setting up this add-on. The whole process will take a couple of minutes. The initial registration of an account on the site using an email address is required, however. Then, you can simply run the installation file.

The software does not require complex configurations, has a simple registration process, uses a friendly interface, and consumes minimal resources.

Overview of Advantages:

  • Servers around the world
  • Stable connection
  • Good speed
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • User-friendly interface