Understanding PDF’s Importance and Learning How To Shrink Its Size

Understanding PDFs Importance and Learning How To Shrink Its Size

Provided that our online platforms do not have an unlimited capacity to upload and share files, we need to manage our files’ sizes before uploading. Even if you are using the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, or YahooMail, the files you upload are only allowed at a limited volume. 

Since PDFs are less-modifiable, unlike the usual files, how do we manage these concerns? How can you reduce file size without removing specific parts of its content? Check out the PDFBear PDF compressor! 

The Essence of Transforming Documents To PDF

The portable document format is normally designed to be more compact than others. Although PDFs are already the best file format to use nowadays, there are still times wherein they are oversized. If you are feeling thrifty and you are Googling for answers on how to compress PDF files online, then you found your solution. 

But let us first review why PDF is essential. You may have noticed that most files transmitted from professionals are in the portable document format. Unlike other designs, PDFs are more comfortable and convenient to print, no matter what device or operating system you are using. Even if you send it a dozen times to several users, the content remains consistent. 

Although MS programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, are the primary selections for creating reports, they tend to be challenging to manage when transmitted to a different computer and OS. PDFs also come in smaller sizes, making them ideal for uploading and sharing via online webmail platforms. 

PDFBear’s PDF Converter 

So if you are finished with your reports, you can easily convert them to PDF using the PDFBear PDF converter tool. Whether you are typing a Word composition, an Excel spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation, you can easily convert them to PDF for free within less than a minute! But what if you are using a PDF and need major content editing? 

PDFBear can also convert your PDFs the other way around! Although these files are usually hard to edit, they become more accessible and adjustable when converted to their most comprehensive format. Check out the PDFBear home page and see more options for PDF conversions.  

PDFBear’s PDF Compress Function

Are you currently managing PDFs that are too large for Gmail or YahooMail to handle? Is your disk space running out of rooms because of the hundreds of PDFs you save? This PDF compressor is the solution to your Googling problems. We will be discussing two types of PDF compression, basic compression, and strong compression. 

If you are reducing a particular file’s size, you will expect slight differences from its original quality; that is given. However, you need not worry about the PDF compression of PDFBear as it does not significantly compromise the PDF’s quality, even if you are using the strong compression. 

The Free Basic Compression

Basic compression is the one you could use for free. Unlike the other online PDF tools in the market, PDFBear uses sophisticated, state-of-the-art PDF tools that ensure quality service. Even if you are only using the free basic compression, you can still get significant PDF compressions. Again, without compromising your document’s quality. 

For example, you’ve uploaded a PDF with a size of 133.4kb; basic compression reduces your file size by approximately 25%. After the compression process, you will attain a PDF with a size of 80.1kb. Imagine doing this to most of your oversized PDFs; your disk space can breathe freely, and your online uploading becomes more convenient! 

Strong Compression For Full File Size Reduction

Now, if you desperately need to reduce your PDF to its least possible measurement, then you can upgrade to the PDFBear PRO. If we stick to the example stated earlier, your 133.4kb PDF will be reduced up to 60%! After a strong compression, your PDF will shrink to 33.4kb only! Quite a significant reduction for your PDF documents. 

PDFBear can handle large PDFs up to 1GB! However, strong compression does not come for free. Upgrading to PDFBear PRO is an intelligent choice as it is somewhat affordable for a 1-year membership. You can avail the full services of their functions for a year without having to worry about their safety! PRO members are protected with total PDF safety and security. 


PDF management has become more favorable as technology advances. Technological innovations such as PDFBear can solve all your PDF problems and save your day anytime and anywhere!

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