How to Use BBQ Rubs

How to Use BBQ Rubs

People whose barbecue know what a rub is, but not everyone knows how to use it and why it is important to the barbecue process. Rubs are a mix of seasoning and flavour that are combined and then added to the outside of your favourite meats before you start barbecuing.

Rubs come in different styles, some wet like brines and sauces and others as a dry rub mixture of herbs and spices.

As you look to get the best Bbq Rubs For Sale, you want to consider how to use barbecue rubs and know what to do before you purchase.

Today, we will teach you how to properly use BBQ rubs for your next barbecue.

The first thing you need to know is that grilling and barbecuing are two different things. Rubs are specifically designed for barbecuing. Barbecuing is the process of slow cooking meats at a lower temperature. This is typically how pork shoulder and beef brisket are prepared. Grilling is a faster high-temperature cooking method that works on burgers and steaks.

Similar spices can certainly be used on any meats, but a rub is more specifically designed for the slow-cooking process of barbecuing.

What goes into making a great rub? Salt and pepper are a foundation for any of the best BBQ rubs for sale, but other common ingredients include garlic and onion powder, cumin, oregano, paprika, and chilli powder. Paprika and chilli powder are not just flavour elements, but also help give a dry rub added colour.

There is also no specific formula for amounts of a specific spice that make a great spice rub. One of the great things about a spice rub is that everyone has different tastes. It isn’t as much about specific spices as it is a certain quality of the spice. Some people like something that is sweeter and others like spice rubs that bring more heat. It all depends on your own tastes.

When applying a dry rub to your meats, season to the flavour. Make sure that the entire surface of the meat is covered before barbecuing so the flavours are evenly distributed. This will help the flavours from the spice rub blend with the natural flavours of the meat to give you the best flavour possible. Slow cooking the meat also helps give it the perfect colour or that outer shell of bark that can create a great smoky flavour in addition to the spice and sweetness.

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