Best Time To Buy Water Geysers In India

Water Geyser

With winter rapidly approaching, everyone is rushing to purchase a qualitative water geyser in India, and it isn’t easy to decide which water geyser to purchase. While a geyser is an extremely useful product for commercial and domestic purposes, purchasing a water geyser in India can often be challenging and frustrating. Numerous brands on the market will attempt to entice you, and as a result, you may end up purchasing an ineffective geyser for your home.

Therefore, before you purchase a water geyser in India for yourself, keep the following points in mind to ensure that you get the most for your money:

Geyser Types

Few people are aware, but there are currently three types of geysers available on the market.

  1. Electric Geyser
  2. Gas Geyser
  3. Solar Geyser

While electric geysers are the most prevalent in our daily lives, solar geysers have been rising in recent years. Gas and solar geysers pose no threat to the environment and are significantly more cost-effective. On the other hand, an electric geyser runs entirely on electricity and significantly impacts your electricity bill.

Consumption of Electricity

A solar-powered and gas-powered water geyser in India would consume no electricity. However, when choosing an electric geyser, always opt for a five-star rated model because they consume less electricity and have less heat loss. Though a geyser with a higher star rating may initially be more expensive, it will ultimately save you a lot of money over time.


The geyser’s auto cut feature conserves energy by automatically turning the unit off after heating. Additionally, it assists in preventing the water heater from overheating and resulting in accidental damage. The safety valve is designed so that it automatically relieves pressure and discharges water if the pressure exceeds the preset limits.


A geyser can be installed in various locations, including the kitchen, bathroom, and even the office. Thus, before purchasing a water geyser in India, determine the appropriate size and type of geyser. In India, geysers are frequently used in bathrooms, particularly during the winter months. However, many people now use it in the kitchen for cooking and cleaning utensils. Solar geysers are frequently preferred in large commercial buildings. To summarise, the size and functionality of a geyser are determined by its usage.

A well-designed geyser is occasionally available in various colours and sizes; therefore, choose one that complements your home’s dĂ©cor.

Durability and accessibility to spare parts

Though for many customers, the appearance of a geyser is irrelevant, it is always prudent to consider the hidden benefits of a well-designed geyser. Purchase a geyser that has a longer lifespan and components that are easily accessible and replaceable. For instance, a tankless geyser has nearly twenty years, compared to ten to twelve years for tank-type water heaters.

Requirement according to Family Size

Purchase the appropriate size geyser for your needs. An oversized geyser results in the unnecessary heating of water. Choose the appropriate size geyser for your family’s size and consumption habits geyser to avoid wasting electricity.


Warranties are critical. When purchasing a water geyser in India, be sure to check the warranty on the heating element and tank.


Purchase a geyser or water heater that complements the decor and style of your bathroom.


Purchase water geysers in India from reputable brands such as v guard, Racold, and so on. These brands provide excellent after-sales support and customer service. The major benefit of these brands is that you can easily buy v guard geyser online from any ecommerce website.

Installation of a geyser

The most critical point is to avoid using a local plumber for installation because they do not adhere to industry best practices and safety standards. With the assistance of an authorised service centre, get your water geyser installed. Numerous manufacturers such as v guard geyser online offer installation services. 

Best Water Geyser Brand in India

There are numerous manufacturers with a solid reputation and excellent customer service. But V Guard is a well-known brand offering various capacities such as 10 litre geyser, 15 litre geyser etc. V guard geysers are best in quality and it is affordable too, as compared to other brands of geyser available in India.

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