The Importance Of Breastfeeding

The Importance Of Breastfeeding

Breastfed Babies Live Longer, Are Smarter, And Are Healthier

A baby is the genetic mixture of the father and mother involved in that baby’s conception. The body of a child is directly conformed to the body of a mother. Though a unique DNA signature develops from the moment a sperm fertilizes an egg, the child’s development takes place in the womb of the mother. Accordingly, there’s a closeness at a biological level.

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What this means is that, for almost all children, the most nutritious compound for them immediately after birth will be mother’s milk. Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your newborn. Even if you can’t physically nurse the child, it’s wise to use a breast pump to bottle the milk and feed them.

Certainly you can secure the help of a “wet nurse” who is in a position to help your child grow strong from her breast milk, but this likely won’t be as good for the child as that which your own body produces. It’s better than formula, but not as good as you. There are always exceptions, too. Generally, your child will respond better to biological nutrition from you.

If you want to see your child have the greatest intelligence, health, and longevity, it’s wise to breastfeed. Serious studies show that breastfeeding makes babies more intelligent. So if you can, you should. Following we’ll cover a few more details of breastfeeding your child to help you do this to the best of your ability.

Breastfeeding Is Good For Mother, Too

One thing many mothers are surprised to learn is that breastfeeding is actually good for them on a physical and psychological level. For one thing, the emotional impact of physically nourishing your child is good for your mind. You’ll feel satisfied, accomplished, and content—well, in some situations. Postpartum depression is a thing, after all.

That said, emotional segues will come and go, and when you can physically nourish your child, that makes you feel more complete as a mother. Also, in a physical sense, this can be good for your body. When you’re pregnant, your breasts tend to enlarge as they prepare for their biological purpose of infant nourishment.

If you don’t breastfeed, your paps will likely be tender, and your breasts may be sore. That’s not to say that breastfeeding doesn’t result in some soreness as well; but you’re more likely to be physically comfortable if you breastfeed your child—and there’s a hidden bonus.

For a number of collateral reasons, science is of the opinion that women who breastfeed tend to live longer. So not only do you help your child develop better in its early infancy, you also situate yourself for greater longevity overall.

Consultation For Best Results In Breastfeeding

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Something that’s eminently considerable here is seeking professional assistance. Latching can be difficult—that’s where you and your baby position yourself for nursing. It may take some getting used to. Also, because you’re physically nourishing your child from your own body, you will experience a caloric loss that can make you feel tired.

You’ll need to eat the right food for the best results, and it’s also wise for you to do certain exercises for the purpose of getting your body back in shape. To help get the balance of nutrition and physical exercise right, it’s wise to use resources like virtual breastfeeding consultations. They can help you with things like latching, and such options are convenient.

Breastfeeding your child will help you be more healthy, even giving you a longer life. It will make your child more intelligent, it will make your child more healthy, and all around it’s one of the best ways to start off your new position as a mother. So don’t be leery of breastfeeding. Consult medical professionals to assure you’re able to breastfeed; and if you can, do it. If you have breastfeeding problems due to low milk supply, you can visit to check out the different lactation supplements that can help to address this problem.

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