How to Choose the Ideal Location for Your Next Home in Dubai

How to Choose the Ideal Location for Your Next Home in Dubai

Buying a property, especially a luxury one, calls for a careful study of all the factors involved in the purchasing process.

These factors include the size and price of the property, amenities, maintenance services and requirements, potential resale value, and location.

Out of all these elements, location is the most important one you have to consider when buying luxury homes for sale in Dubai.  

The property address can dictate several things, such as your lifestyle, quality of life, additional expenses, your children’s school choices, and social interactions and activities.

It’s All About Location

Since location can impact various aspects of your and your family’s life, you have to ensure your new address lives up to your expectations.

Here are some tips that can help you select the best location for your new home:

  • Check its proximity to your workplace.

Living near your office or business place allows you to enjoy several benefits that you should look into this factor when viewing different properties.

If your new home is within walking distance from where you work, you won’t have to worry about getting to your workplace late due to traffic or lack of transportation. You can even sleep longer since you don’t have to wake early to avoid the rush hour or missing bus.

Walking to your workplace and home allows you to get a regular workout as well. These walks help you get the exercise you need to stay fit and healthy.

Lastly, since you won’t need to drive or commute, you will save money on gas and transportation. You can then use the extra cash on more important things.

If you haven’t started searching for a property yet, walk around your workplace location and look at apartments for sale. This is the best way to ensure that your future home is within a reasonable distance from your place of work.

  • Consider the drive or commute time.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a home that meets all your requirements and is located in a neighborhood that is within walking distance to your workplace.

If you are dealing with the same problem, don’t stress yourself out too much looking for a home that is near your workplace. Compromise and search for a property that will allow you to take a short, faster route to your place of work or business.

When viewing homes, pay attention to how far they are from transportation hubs such as bus stations, taxi stops and the metro lines. If you own a vehicle, take note of the minutes it takes you to reach your workplace after visiting the property.

During your commute or drive, assess the traffic as well.

If the drive or commute time is shorter than what you are experiencing now and there are alternative routes and transportation options, don’t rule out these properties even if they are farther away from your place of work.

  • Get details about the nearby schools.

If you have children, or are planning to have them in the future, you will spend a lot of time taking them to and fetching them from school. You can make things easier for yourself and your little ones by finding a home located near good-quality educational centres.

When viewing a property, find out what schools are nearby. If you plan to live long term in your new home, check what levels of education they offer so that your little ones won’t have to keep transferring once they complete the highest stages.

Additionally, check the reputation of these schools. Look for reviews about these learning centres or institutions to ensure they offer high-quality education.

If you have a baby or toddler, take the time to scout for daycare centres and kindergarten schools, so you already have options when your little one is ready to learn in school.

  • Check the amenities within the vicinity.

Many property buyers underestimate the importance of living near places they frequent, such as restaurants, supermarkets, and pharmacies. Avoid making this mistake as well.

When you live near these places, you won’t have to drive or commute if you want to eat out, restock your fridge and pantry or buy some medicines or supplements. You can get everything you need and go back home within minutes.

Other amenities that ideally should be near your home are gyms, parks, spas, and other places where you can work out and de-stress.

A home near a mall and popular tourist destinations also ensure that you will have a nearby place to go to if you need some entertainment.

Keep in mind that you are more likely to be happier in your new home if you have plenty of amenities nearby.

  • Find out if there is a place of worship close by.

If observing your weekly religious duties is important to you, you will do well to find out if there is a church of your denomination in or near your preferred neighborhood.

By doing so, you won’t have to worry about missing the service because of a long drive or commute. It will be harder for you to come up with a valid reason not to go to your church as well.

If you have children, fulfilling your weekly religious duties will also teach them the importance of following them. This activity will help bring your family closer together, too.

  • Evaluate the look and feel of the neighborhood.

Your new neighborhood can influence how happy you and your family are in your new home.

If you live in a community that is safe and clean, you will love coming home every day. Moreover, you and your family will always have peace of mind and find ways to have fun.

Living in a neighborhood where the people are friendly will also make you and your family want to stay there permanently. You and your loved ones will also have an easier time meeting and making new friends.

Having a thriving social life can also make a difference in your lifestyle in your new home.

  • Research the property value.

Lastly, if you are leaning towards newly built properties or those under development, you will do well to look into their market value.

Whether you have plans of selling the property in the future or not, ensure you won’t have difficulty putting it up for sale and recovering your investment by finding out beforehand what its potential resale value is.

You can get an idea of your potential home’s value by doing some research and asking your real estate agent.

When you are ready to invest in a property for sale in JVC, Dubai, remember that location is always a crucial factor to consider. Make sure you narrow down your options wisely by following these tips for choosing a new home.