How Much Does a Glass Partition Cost for an Office?

Glass Partition

Glass partitions are glass panel systems with metal elements of various sizes and designs used for separation offices and rooms in the house and for decorating retail space. The glass partition systems company is a market leader in the production of glass structures.

The price of such wall partitions is not cheap but fully justifies itself. Look at our cost list, get approximate prices, or contact our specialists to prepare a miscalculation. You can familiarize yourself with examples and photos of our work and see them for yourself. Order a glass partition for an office or home in a company, and you will receive a high level of quality and service. Type ‘glass panel partition near me’.

Glass Partition Systems: Where Glass Partitions Are Used?

  • When zoning offices;

  • As partitions for an internal conference room;

  • To fence off the dressing room, kitchen in the office;

  • In the design of fitness centers;

  • When decorating houses, apartments, and shops.

Types of Glass Used

Modern industry produces such glass for partitions, which can be safely called universal. Despite the fragility of glass, it can withstand heavy loads. One sq.m. glass with a thickness of 15 mm can withstand a load of 100 kg! Today there is a large assortment of glass partition systems for the construction of interior partitions, walls, and glass doors. For interior furnishing, you can buy glass partitions made of the following types of glass:

  • Tempered glass is 5-6 times stronger than usual. And if it breaks, then the fragments will not injure anyone because they are not sharp and small.

  • Triplex is a laminated glass, the canvases of which are glued together using a film. If it breaks, then the fragments remain on the film rather than scattering to the floor.

  • Multi-colored tinted glass allows us to produce glass doors and partitions in exciting colors.

  • Opaque or frosted glass is used when necessary to protect everything that happens behind a partition or door from prying eyes.

  • Acrylic or organic glass partition, characterized by high light transmission and durability.

  • Smart glass, which is also called “smart.” Its peculiarity is that a person can control it, for example, by changing the level of transparency, using it as a touch screen. Such office glass partitions are very convenient, as they perform several functions at once, but their cost is relatively high.

Designer Decoration

Products decorated with glass chips look original and sophisticated. Any sandblasting or laser engraving can also be applied to the glass surface. Not so long ago, a crash technology appeared on the market, which allows you to achieve the effect of broken glass. It is often possible to order glass panel partition walls made of stained-glass or with stained-glass inserts from

Variety of Shapes and Styles

The simplest is considered to be a stationary all-glass partition glass. Most often, they are used in offices, where they have become an integral attribute. You should use mobile structures in the bigger rooms, as that allow you to create separate zones. Sliding glass partitions for the office are very convenient because, with a slight hand movement, they will enable you to divide the room into two parts or combine it.

The variety of design solutions allows you to get the most exciting and unusual glass partitions in the interior for your home, office, or shopping centers. The purpose of glass partitions in the interior is to connect and separate rooms; zone space; enhance sound insulation and natural lighting; visually increase the space; rationally use the area. All these can be accomplished with the help of company.