5 Key Secrets To Consider When Decorating Your Restaurant

Decorating Your Restaurant

A restaurant can only be successful if it takes into account 3 key factors: the product, the service and the ambience. These 3 factors must form a combo, because if any of them is missing, the formula will not succeed.

In this article, we will focus on just one of these key factors, the ambiance. There are some fundamental keys that can help you achieve the perfect ambiance for your restaurant. It’s all about paying attention to certain details to bring a unique and authentic value to your business.

An appropriate and ideal decoration allows you to offer a complete experience to diners, which translates into a successful restaurant. It is important to be able to distinguish yourself from the rest of the gastronomic establishments, to create your own imprint, to differentiate yourself, and not only through your dishes, but also through the ambiance.

It is not about putting together some restaurant chairs and offering a varied menu. If what you are looking for is to succeed in the gastronomy sector, you must distinguish your food, but also your service and the look of your restaurant.

It will be the decoration of your space that will attract the attention of diners, that will invite them to come in and taste your dishes. The gastronomic sector is a highly competitive one, so it is essential to stand out in this aspect.

Successful restaurants are those that care about providing an experience that makes diners feel special. And for this, it is essential to focus on a good atmosphere. Let’s see which are the 5 key secrets that will help you position your restaurant as one of the best in the market.

Prioritize comfort over fashion

Yes, it is logical to want to get carried away by the latest trends in interior design for gastronomic spaces, but it is not always ideal. The best decoration for your restaurant is not always the one that is in fashion, since many times this may imply a quite uncomfortable furniture.

You must be very clear about your priorities. You can focus on choosing eye-catching furniture but make sure above all things that it is comfortable. Especially restaurant chairs. It is extremely important that the chairs are very comfortable so that diners can spend long hours in your restaurant without wanting to leave.

In general, all the furniture should be comfortable. If your restaurant will have a bar you should also take this into account, as well as if there will be a reception or waiting area, etc.

The distribution of the space is very important

An incorrect distribution of the space, plus an unfavorable decoration, can make you lose a lot of customers. You must be sure to distribute the space evenly and, above all, in a comfortable way. 

When you plan the location of the tables, you must make sure that they are not too close together, nor too close to areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom, since customers will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to enjoy the experience.

Make sure to leave enough space for employees to move around freely. The distribution of space should take priority over the decoration. Both aspects should go hand in hand to make the most of the space.


This is a fundamental aspect, since poor lighting can scare away diners. It is advisable to illuminate the spaces with warm lights so that the place looks cozy and familiar. In any case, much depends on the type of restaurant you want to set up.

The music 

The acoustics is another very important factor, since it is a great part of the ambience. It is important to counteract the noise and acoustic pollution generated by the kitchen and the employees while on duty.

The right music at the right volume makes the customer experience a quality and complete one. It is very important that the music is clear of the conversations between diners and that it is not too strident. Using Pandora for Business, you can easily customize your playlist to include relaxing and enjoyable music without being too loud or distracting.

The colors

When thinking about what colors to use to decorate the walls and spaces of your restaurant, it is advisable to go for light colors and natural elements. If you are inclined towards strong colors, try not to combine too many different ones; and avoid phosphorescent and very bright colors, such as gold.

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