PDFBear Converter Tool: 4 Formats You Can Convert Your PDF To

PDFBear Converter Tool

It is sometimes hard to find a converter tool that we can trust and rely on. When choosing which website to go to for a converter tool, we always check if that specific website can convert your PDF file to this particular file format. 

It is a hassle when one website can only convert a file to only one kind of format, this only means that you need to look for another website that can transform your file from this format to this format. PDFBear not only offers one but more kinds of formats. In this article, we’ll share some of the formats you can use to convert your PDF file.

PDF to Word

Do you want to make changes to your PDF file’s content, and the only way for you to update the content inside is to convert it to a word document, but you do not know how to? We got the answer for you. With PDFBear’s PDF to Word free online converter tool, you can now convert your PDF file to a word document. 

It has a simple conversion process, and it only takes four steps for you to have your PDF file converted to a word file. If you are in a rush, using PDFBear’s converter tool only takes a minute or two for your file to be converted. 

As soon as the process of conversion has finished, you can download it immediately and save it to your computer or device you are using. Easy peasy, right? No lengthy process and no hassle. You can even do it anytime and anywhere for free as long as you have an internet connection, there is no need to worry about it. 

PDF to Excel

Wondering how to get your data on your PDf file to an excel spreadsheet? Another format that PDFBear can convert your PDF to is excel. PDFBear helps you extract your data from your PDF file to excel with its quick and easy process. Again, all you need is to follow their four simple steps and wait for the conversion process to finish.

If you worry that the conversion process might mess up your data, PDFBear will assure you that all your data will be intact and correct. From the column to graphs to text and fonts, you’ve got nothing to worry about. 

Talking about great quality and excellent service, they even have a partnership with Solid Documents to have and provide the best conversion process of PDF to Excel for their loyal customers. This, too, is 100% free and can be done on whatever device you are using.


Having trouble transferring your presentation from your PDF file to a Powerpoint Presentation? Well, this might just save you some time. PDFBear also offers a converter tool for PDF to PPT slides.

Still, with its four simple conversion steps, all you need is the PDF file that you want to convert to powerpoint and wait for a minute or two for the conversion process to be over. Once it is done converting your file to PPT, you can start downloading it. Like the other formats, you can also access this through any device, and it is again for free.

They also provide the best quality for your converted PPT file. So if you have images or graphs in your PDF file, you do not need to worry about it because PDFBear will not compromise everything for the quality, and the content of your file will stay in its original layout.


Sometimes when scanning images, we often have it in a PDF format, and when printing it, it somehow uses a low resolution which makes the quality of your printed file not at its best. This is one of the common reasons why we want to convert a PDF image to a JPG format. PDFBear offers a converter that could transform your PDF file to JPG. 

The same with the other formats presented above, the conversion process is very fast and simple. In a matter of a few seconds, the conversion is already done, and it is ready to be downloaded. You can convert multiple PDF files to JPG at a time, and with the quality and service that PDFBear provides, you will not regret using this tool.


Other than these four formats introduced above, PDFBear can also convert your file to PNG and PDF/A format. This website offers plenty of other accessible features that you can also convert different file formats to PDF files, you can organize your PDF or add security to it. You can see some other amazing features they offer, and go try it for yourself. Visit PDFBear’s website now. 

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