Mal Descendants Is Returning For The Third Adventure

Mal Descendants

Mal Descendants is returning for the third adventure. Moreover, Brandy will play the role of Cinderella again. This news has caused a stir among fans of the classic fairy tale. The first movie was so well-liked that it prompted a sequel soon enough. And now it appears we are going to get the beloved cast of characters again. 

Brandy is Back

The decision to cast Brandy in the role of Cinderella is an exciting one, and it shows that the filmmakers are committed to bringing a fresh perspective to the story. We have waited for a long time for the makers to make this decision to launch her again. And now that it is here, we can barely contain our excitement. 

Now all that remains is to see whether she can make the most of her iconic role. Looking at the immensely talented actress Brandy is, this is not very difficult to believe. Brandy is not only an extremely talented actress but a singer-songwriter as well. Looking at the popular fairytale character she is playing, we can be sure Brandy will knock it out of the park. 

Brandy is Back

The Character Roster

We can be sure that the characters will be all well-rounded and formed exactly where we left them earlier. Who doesn’t like a good fairytale told in a new way that expands on earlier material? And as the makers of the first two movies have shown, they can be entirely banked upon when it comes to another sequel continuing the series. 

It is worth noting that Brandy has played the role of Cinderella before, in a 1997 made-for-TV movie. Fans praised her portrayal of the character, and she has since become a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. This time, the emphasis is on Brandy’s previous experience playing the role, rather than on her as an individual.

The Character Roster
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Mal is Here

Brandy really is the best choice to play the titular character. But along with her, Dove Cameron is coming back to play the daughter of Maleficent. Mal is a stock character in the trilogy. She is devilish and beautiful, and at the same knows how to look out for her friends. 

We are hoping these two characters will have more on-screen chemistry this time. However, everything at this point in time depends entirely on the learned makers of the series. What Cinderella needs is a good supporting character to round out her own completely. We have faith in Dove. If anyone can pull the character of Mal off, it is her. 

Mal is Here

Hope for the Future

Fans will, however, be keeping an eye out for the iconic pair and we will keep our eyes peeled for sure as well. Let us hope the creators simply give us what we want. Disney has always kept up expectations before. No reason to expect they will do otherwise this time as well. 

The new Descendants movie is sure to be a hit with fans of the franchise, as well as with those who are simply looking for a fun and entertaining movie. We hope this news helps to create a sense of excitement and anticipation around the upcoming film.


The decision to cast Brandy as Cinderella in the new Descendants movie is a smart one. It allows the filmmakers to bring a fresh perspective to the story, while also paying tribute to an actress who has proven herself to be a talented and engaging performer.



1. Will we get to see Mal Descendants 3?

Yes we will get to see Mal in Descendants 3. 

2. Who designed Mal Descendants costume?

Kara Saun designed the costumes in Descendants. 

3. Was there Mal in Descendants 2?

Yes Mal was there in the movie. 

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