Who Is A FINRA Attorney? 8 Facts You Need To Know

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Interested in becoming a FINRA attorney? Before you start this profession, you should look into the details of this job! 

8 facts that you need to know before you become a FINRA Attorney!

What is FINRA?

The first thing you need to take into account and know before you can become a FINRA attorney is – what is FINRA? Although you may have heard of financial regulations and rules in the past, you might not understand this overarching concept in terms of brokerage firms and how brokers should act within the United States. Simply put, FINRA stands for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This organization is the legal governing body that is in charge of brokers, brokerage dealers, and helping protect the public. By dealing directly with brokers to provide guidance and rules on how to act and how to provide information, FINRA has the wellbeing of the public in mind to help safeguard individuals and protect against the high changes of investment fraud, security fraud, credit card fraud, bad broker practices, and other crimes in the legal world.

What does FINRA do?

If you now understand the purpose of FINRA and why it was created, you might be wondering – what does FINRA do and how does it operate? Knowing the process of how FINRA operates is key to being able to understand why you should become a FINRA attorney and why this profession is a good choice for your future. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is a type of independent organization that is in charge of helping societies, brokerage firms, and representatives stay in line in times of the rules and guidelines. 

By keeping big businesses following the laws, FINRA is the overarching body that helps individuals avoid any concerns in the long run. FINRA operates by using nearly 20 offices in the United States to help discipline any brokerage firms or brokers who have not followed the regulations set forth by FINRA. Some of these rule-breaking instances include crimes such as insider trading, fraud, and false information provided to clients. 

What are the benefits of FINRA?

If you’re considering becoming a FINRA attorney, you need to know the benefits of using FINRA. Simply put, the main benefit of using FINRA is that you can ensure that any issue with the legal world within brokers and brokerage firms can be avoided by using this organization. Since they are in charge of regulation and keeping firms in line, helping avoid any prevalent issue with brokers swindling clients out of money and providing false information. 

Are there any issues with FINRA?

Before you can become a FINRA attorney, you need to know about any criticisms of this organization before being hired. FINRA, unfortunately, has a lot of the same issues brought against the business that you would find with any type of organization that is not government-regulated, but self-regulated to help others. Although they are doing a good deed, the criticisms of FINRA is usually that they are not using enough resources and doing enough to help protect potential investors who want to wisely save and build their financial portfolio.

Additionally, another criticism of FINRA is that they are not effective at helping prevent repeat offenders from doing the same crime multiple times. Since FINRA is only doing the “bare minimum” according to some individuals, they are keeping the public close and building trust within the community – but then they are not doing much to actually put their plans into action. 

What is the best way to become a FINRA attorney?

If you are debating whether you should become a FINRA arbitrator or attorney, then you might be wondering about the benefits of this profession. Why should you become this special type of lawyer over another option? You can decide if you want to become an arbitrator in this industry by looking at the benefits of this profession – unlike other choices, there are many benefits of becoming this type of lawyer, such as supplemental income, increased skills, and an increased professional network.

Since you will be making a higher amount of money per session, you can increase your income per month. For example, a single session is already $300! If you decide to do a double session, this can be as much as $600! Furthermore, you can make an additional $125 per day if you are on the panel – this can be as much as around $1000 per day! 

Not to mention, you can build your professional network in the legal world by becoming a FINRA attorney. Learn more about other professions, speak with others, and build your network by networking in the industry. 

Do I need any experience to become a FINRA attorney? 

If you are wondering how to become a FINRA attorney, you might be curious about the past experience needed. Fortunately for you, the answer is none! You only need to have around 5 years of work and 2 years of college credits to qualify to become a FINRA attorney. Avoid any issue with previous expertise by simply following basic regulations on becoming a FINRA attorney. And don’t worry – you will get enough training beforehand! 

What is an example of a FINRA case?

By understanding the types of cases that you will have to deal with while you are a FINRA attorney, you can be well-experienced in the industry – before even stepping foot in the courtroom! One example of a court case that you will hear when you are a FINRA attorney is as follows:

  • A brokerage will sue a broker if they do not repay the entire amount of money back that they received in an advance
  • An individual will sue a brokerage firm or investment financial advisor if they provide false information in terms of investing money

How am I assigned to the case?

As a FINRA attorney, you will be assigned to a case after you have completed the training. Once you have completed training, you will then be a part of the selection process for cases or on the panel. Typically, you will be required to participate in the initial meeting, participate in other pre-hearing calls to help with conflict resolution, attend an in-person hearing, or help with the final decision of the case.


If you want to become a FINRA attorney, there are certain things to know before you study for this profession. Learning more about becoming a FINRA attorney is key to being well educated before you begin your training process!