Signs of Pest Infestations

Pest Infestations

Pests include animals like mice and rats, but also many different types of insects and other arthropods that can enter your house and cause damage.

An important part of pest management is knowing what to look for if you suspect you have a pest problem.

Signs of Structural Damage on Wood

Damage is often particularly noticeable on wood furniture and structures. Certain borer beetles and termites or carpenter ants can chew up and destroy wooden structures.

A pile of sawdust can indicate a big problem and, in the case of termites, the problem may not initially be noticed. This is because termites eat inside the wood leaving just a shell remaining, which may flake off in your hands.

Signs of Chewing or Biting

Bite marks are common when you have a rodent problem. The size of the bite can give a clue as to if you have a rat or mouse infestation.

The problem is that rodents, especially rats, do also chew up electrical cords, which poses a fire hazard.

The Presence of Droppings

Pests that are eating and living inside your house will defecate and the droppings will start to accumulate. Cockroach droppings are usually little brown specks you find in the kitchen and bathroom where there is food and moisture.

Rodent droppings are quite large and so are usually easy to detect. The size and shape can let you know if you have a mouse or rat problem.

Unusual Sounds

At night in particular, pests can be heard scurrying around. Rodents and cockroaches are most active at night.

Cockroaches can often be heard climbing through material. They are fond of cardboard boxes that are full of clutter. This is where you will often hear movement.

Rodents will often enter through openings in the kitchen or bathroom near the plumbing, so you may hear activity in these areas in particular.

Unusual Smells and Markings

There is a distinctive smell associated with cockroaches and also rodents. Cockroaches do not really smell until the population is quite large and then you will notice it.

Rodents do urinate a lot and stain materials. Rodent urine is strong smelling, very noticeable, and is hard to get rid of. Any strange smell can indicate a pest problem.

Partially Eaten Food and Food Boxes

You may notice bread with teeth marks in it, or cereal boxes that have been chewed up. These are signs of rodents. Cockroach feeding is not noticeable unless you find the animal in your food.

Seeing the Animal, Eggs, or Nests

At night, in particular, you may actually see the pest running around. Silverfish often occur where there is paper, like in a bookcase, but can also be found in clothing cupboards.

In the case of cockroaches, you may find egg cases and shed skins in places where they are active. Rats and mice may build nests that you come across.

The signs discussed here are helpful to know about and are used in pest control in Singapore.